“She longed to evangelize the Indians, not at all discouraged by the thought that they would probably kill her.”

St. Rose of Lima

The first canonized saint of the Western Hemisphere, Rose of Lima (1586-1617) might also be considered a type of the special vocation of contemplative-in-the-world. Inspired by the example of St. Catherine of Siena, Rose became a Dominican lay tertiary and devoted herself to works of active charity while living a life of extreme austerity. She longed to evangelize the Indians, not at all discouraged by the thought that they would probably kill her. Saint Martin de Porres and Bl. John Masias were among her friends. She died at the age of 31, praying, “Lord, increase my sufferings, and with them increase Your love in my heart.” https://tridentine-mass.blogspot.com/2023/08/saint-rose-of-lima-1617-ad-saints-felix.html

St. Rose of Lima


St. Rose of Lima, Claudio Coello (ARSH 1642-1693)

St. Rose of Lima, Claudio Coello (ARSH 1642-1693)

We read that her confessor offered himself to go to the missions, but he feared because of the dangers it would entail. After consulting the saint [Rose] he heard these words: “Go Father, and do not fear. Leave all to labor for the conversion of the infidel, and know that the greatest service that man can offer to God is to convert souls, for this is a work proper of the Apostolate. What greater happiness could there be than to baptize, be it only a little Indian child who would enter Heaven through the gates of Baptism?”



to induce someone to convert to one’s faith

Proselytize comes from the noun proselyte, meaning “a new convert,” which in turn ultimately comes from the Greek prosēlytos, meaning “stranger” or “newcomer.” When proselytize entered English in the 17th century, it had a distinctly religious connotation and meant simply “to recruit religious converts.”

The fact that the apostate wretch Antipope Bergoglio frequently declares proselytizing to be a sin, once even declaring it mortal sin, is just one more glaring beat-you-over-the-head Uber-visible proof that the man isn’t Catholic and CERTAINLY isn’t nor ever has been the Pope. Because Pope Benedict XVI clearly, obviously never validly resigned the Papacy. Therefore there was no conclave in ARSH 2013. Pope Benedict remained the one and only living Pope until his death on 31 December, ARSH 2022, whether he liked it or not.

Saint Rose of Lima, pray for us, for Holy Mother Church, and for the Petrine See, vacant these 242 days.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

3 thoughts on ““She longed to evangelize the Indians, not at all discouraged by the thought that they would probably kill her.””

  1. The mission Christ gave His disciples was to proselytize and teach. How can anyone not see the importance of this mission if one believes that hell exists and demons pretend to be gods or nonexistent (in the west until antichrist is seen as a god because of his demonic powers people think don’t really exist) to fool people into rejecting the gospel? There is no other way, it’s Jesus or hell.

  2. Even the smallest little thing like wearing a Miraculous Medal, Crucifix, or Vendee Sacred Heart patch can plant the seed of Catholicism to those we encounter on the street or in social settings. Same for praying the Rosary in public or saying the Angelus. Our world is literally filled to capacity with ugliness. Fight back with beautiful things.

    1. I had to renew my license recently and it got me to thinking; we Catholics should all renew our license/state ID’s on Ash Wednesday….after Mass. Maybe tell father ahead of time to make sure he makes a nice, clear cross on us.

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