Dr. Paul Offit bombshell video: “There certainly is a causal link between vaccination and Myocarditis… no doubt about it”

Stay with me, there are two separate stories here. Dr. Paul Offit is Director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. You’ve surely seen him on TV. He was a leading advocate of the deathvaxx for the first two years, until he famously refused to back the newest bivalent jabs, because they never underwent human trials. By the way, the original shots have now been banned by the FDA, so the only “covid vaccine” available today is the bivalent, which was only tested on five mice, all of which died. 

Here is the video, which appears inside this broader discussion, starting at the 1:15 mark:


After Offit makes his unqualified proclamation that the deathvaxx causes myocarditis, he goes on to speculate that it is due to the covid spike protein being genetically similar to proteins found in heart muscle. So the immune response to kill the spike would also look at heart muscle as enemy.

As big as this is, part two of this story is even bigger. The broader discussion in the above tweet, outside of the inset, centers around (possibly) a psyop within a psyop. What are Offit’s motives for throwing the deathvaxx under the bus? His focus on the spike places the blame for vaxx injury on the nature of the covid genome, which draws attention away from the mRNA technology of the way the vaxx was designed to work. Is this coincidence or purposeful? After all, with covid in the rearview, the most important thing now is that they protect the reputation of mRNA design, because there are dozens of mRNA jabs now in development against all sorts of things, including cancer.

What do you think?

In case you don’t know how mRNA works, I will repost tomorrow my splainer from December 2020, way back before they started threatening people who didn’t take it…

One thought on “Dr. Paul Offit bombshell video: “There certainly is a causal link between vaccination and Myocarditis… no doubt about it””

  1. The “new” bivalent shots just do a better job of poisoning you than the old ones.

    As Dr. Bhakdi says: you get a shot with mRNA in it, you will die from it.

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