Chris Wray can’t stop lying: FBI spy infiltration of SSPX included Oregon, California… and who knows where else

Why do I say Chris Wray was lying, not simply misinformed or not knowing until now? Because it was Wray himself who had redacted the original memo re the Richmond field office, claiming at the time that the spying was isolated to Richmond. Now that Congress has a less-redacted copy, it shows that California and Oregon SSPX spying were also going on. Where else, I wonder? I’d recommend leaving your phone at home if you attend SSPX, but if you drive a car with GPS, they’re surely tracking that too. 

12 thoughts on “Chris Wray can’t stop lying: FBI spy infiltration of SSPX included Oregon, California… and who knows where else”

  1. Just a political point here. Just because Jim Jordan from Ohio has his name on that , DO NOT BE FOOLED! That guy is in on the kabuki theater. Kayfabe as I’ve heard it said. I live in Ohio and trust a brother. He is no hero, and he is NOT on your side.

  2. This is the conclusion I’ve come to as well. It makes tgings much less stressful during election season knowing that there’s no voting our way out so there’s no reason, in my opinion, to let the emotions run wild. I’m tuning it all out.

  3. The moral law doesn’t apply to the critters infesting the halls of power. They lie in order to usher in a new and better order to the world. Telling the truth is for the rubes. That is how they see it. cf. Leo Strauss, et. al.

  4. Merely believing your religion is true will put you in the ranks of “terrorists” in the future. This is just more evidence to me the false prophet is present in the world today.

    1. I tend to agree with you. However, here is some good news – it is not all bad.

      In the great State of Texas, Southwest Airlines (the “LUV airline”, self-described) a FA refused to recant her public Christian convictions on the job and was terminated. She won in Court, reinstated with back pay and with her previous seniority position (very important in an airline job). But best of all – the Judge required the airline change its internal practices and publically admit that it had discriminated against religion in the past and that it was taking specific steps to remedy that religious discrimination in the future with OJT.

      This, of course, SWA refused to do and doubled down internally on its commitment to discriminate against religion on behalf of LGBTQRCVNSOISAXXX+++.

      Judge did not appreciate this. Called the attorney back in before his Bar. Informed them that the Senior Staff attorneys for SWA (VP level types) would now be required to undergo religious tolerance training – *heh, heh, heh* – in a curriculum designed and administered by the Christian non-profit that brought the discrimination suit on behalf of the brave, brave Flight Attendant. And THEN bring in the original religious tolerance program mandated by the Court.

      The good news is the other side, the vast majority of good-hearted American citizens is awake, wide awake. And we’ve had enough. More, please. More, of this, judges! Very encouraging, indeed. We have to hold firm and never get discouraged – which discouragement and despair is exactly what every enemy always wants in their foe.

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