Dozens and dozens of colleges, including Harvard and Hopkins, still mandating the jabs for Fall 2023

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6 thoughts on “Dozens and dozens of colleges, including Harvard and Hopkins, still mandating the jabs for Fall 2023”

  1. They intend to murder as many as they can. Whites are the uncooperative race and must die (according to them).

  2. The other big piece of news adds credibility to the conspiracy that there were a mix of both deadly jabs and total placebos released into the wild to rig the failure percentage rates. So it was pretty much a lottery, and there may be hope for some jabbed that they only received placebos.

    But guess who certainly made sure they got the placebo batches exclusively!

    1. Lots to unpack there. Will try to be brief.

      First, the difference in deadliness of vaxx batches could easily be due to differences in storage (remember the vaxxes required delicate cold storage), handling, injection technique (Denmark found that vaxx injuries plunge by 2/3 when the nurse simply aspirates the shot).

      The point is, we don’t know. Could it be the conspiratorial “secret placebo batches” thing? In my mind, yes it’s possible. But FAR from proven. Still mere rumor & suspicion.

      The question does need more study & attention. They aren’t doing it because ANY answer is bad. Say it is only a matter of aspiration or proper cold storage, well, even that mild answer is still bad for Big Pharma & everyone who pushed the shots. So they hate to even look.

      Second, data shows that the majority of vaxx injuries happen within a few days or weeks of a recent shot, and are less likely with fewer shots.

      People should stay away from the shots. Obviously. In 2023 people kinda have been staying away, and “excess deaths”, while sad & real, are already fluctuating downward. So no, don’t think jabbed in past equals doomed in future, stupidly. Just keep on staying away from the shots.

  3. Slightly off-topic but still covid-y….. Dr. Mobeen Syed (relatively a good guy, he’s with FLCCC) discusses the recent study about covid antibody shedding:

    Why bring it up? I’ve seen a few excited comments that a study proved “vaxx shedding”. No. It hasn’t.

    It sounds gross but the truth is, as you breathe naturally, we all “shed” bacteria, viruses & antibodies sitting in our lungs, throats & noses.

    That natural shedding is part of why MASKS are bad, remember? Masks trap bacteria that you’re trying to expel & make you re-breathe them. While still not stopping covid, because masks don’t trap virus particles (far tinier than bacteria).

    But when you’re mask-free, other people can pick up your bacteria & antibodies. It’s part of how bacteria spread. It can also spread a bit of immunity – for instance a kid can have antibodies from Dad’s recent cold, sitting in the kid’s own nose.

    The study only showed that your covid immune ANTIBODIES are like your others, in spreading out by natural breathing. No shedding of vaxx itself (no LPN or mRNA particles). And no shedding of spike protein. Not yet at least. Just FYI.

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