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  1. The Pentin piece is not releasing my comments. “58 sedes need not apply. Censor much?

    The mere existence of the SSPX for 5 decades and their excommunications points to the truth of ’58 SVism, not ’22.

    Ann has stated many times her desire to be buried with a letter of excommunication from Bergoglio….as of today, Abp. Lefebvre beat her by 35 years and it was issued under “Saint” John Paul II.

    The only ones being excommunicated today are NO “priests” who convert to the true SVist position.

  2. I have attempted to post my following comment IN REPLY TO the great Ms ANN BARNHARDT’S comment to Pentin – and my comment is currently “awaiting moderation” – but IF my attempted comment might be censored, then here it is so that Ms Barnhardt can read it: (Because she seems to read your blog, so I assume she’ll see this):

    “I retain some SLIGHT doubts as to whether or not the present Antipope Bergoglio was validly elected (or not) in 2013. HOWever:
    1. What made it CLEAR to me that Bergoglio – even if he had ever been the Pope – IS NOW MANIFESTLY an ANTIPOPE – was when he committed Apostasy (even worse than heresy) by publicly venerating the Pachamama Idol in 2019.
    2. And his recent appointment of the execrable faggot “Tucho” Fernandez, is merely the Satanic Icing Of Feces upon the sh-t cake of the Bergoglio Anti-Church.
    …Therefore I INVITE “EXCOMMUNICATION FROM” the Bergoglio Anti-Church, which is weirdly obsessed with normalising sodomy, the essence of which is this: (Made by Peter Jackson in his youth, before he made the great “Lord Of The Rings” movies): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ulb0pLBgRCw&t=70s
    …Oh AND as for Bergoglio’s Religious Indifferentism: Here’s another satirical clip, about “Yoga”, titled “Passage To India”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBB-UVyMA_M

    John D Ball III

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