29 thoughts on “Does Trad Inc. think laywoman St. Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Church, was schismatic by opposing the putative pope?”

  1. I think they should reflect on how many people will leave the faith, simply because they think the only Catholic option is to accept him.

  2. They’ve painted themselves into a very small corner. I hope it takes the paint a good long time to dry. 😇

  3. The world would be a lot better off without Twitter and anyone stupid enough to join Zuckerberg’s alternative to Twitter, deserves whatever traps they fall into.

  4. Nobody talks about Jesus Christ, Mary, the power of the Gospel to conquer sin, develop peace of soul, satisfy our deepest longing, lead one to heaven.

    Now, it seems to me, we Catholics spend most, if not all, of our time fighting each other over ecclesiastical issues that we have zero control over beyond informing our Priest and writing the occasional letter to our Bishop.

    I did not become Catholic to engage in Twitter and comment wars with fellow Catholics about opinions on things that will not save our souls, nor will they lead us to happiness or eternal life – they don’t draw us nearer to Jesus or the Communion of Saints or the vast ocean of Truth waiting to be discovered that will save our souls and evangelize the world.

    The secular world is choking on sin. Catholics are fighting each other over arcane theories. I’m done with it. It’s time, as far as I’m concerned, to refocus away from the devil’s chosen ground if disputations and arcane knowledge and toward the pure simplicity and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    1. Thing is Aqua, whether ’58 SVism, ’22 SVism or Bergoglio is pope is true does have consequences, especially if ’58 SVism is true.

      You see the ’58ers see R&R and ’22 SVism as a back door into the false, probably New World Religion NO antiChurch. Since the primary goal of the true Catholic Church is the salvation of souls, it stands to reason a sede would try, no matter how poorly as in my case, to warn others. Once we see it, we cannot unsee it.

      As to the importance of who the pope is, we see how God raised up a lay woman Saint to clear up the matter. If who is or is not pope doesn’t really matter, why then do you (only on some blogs I note) vehemently denounce Bergoglio as an antipope? As you said, if it’s not a salvation issue, why bother?

      If, otoh ’58 SVism is true, now we have real issues….like valid clergy and Sacraments.

      When Our Lord asks if He’ll find faith upon His Return, that, to me, says there will be very few holding to the true faith and it’s not to be found in the NO “Church” with it’s false worship, doctrines and disciplines. And I am not suggesting every NO Catholic is damned to hell, not at all. But I do believe it will be harder for them.

      1. Did you see the OAN interview with Bishop Sanborn re the Bishop Strickland visitation? He called Bishop Strickland “prelate” and urged him to do more in opposing heresy. What’s that now? I thought Bishop Strickland was just a layman playing dress-up in a false religion.

        1. Yes, I did Mark. And I didn’t like it one bit. My antenna is up more so now than before. That he obstinately holds to the Thesis is maddening because IMO, the Thesis, BiP and R&R are all paths that *could” lead to the “enthronement” of the AC. I often think of this quote from Fr. Frederick Faber, 1861 in helping me to not think ill of the those who promote the 3 positions:

          We must remember that if all the manifestly good men were on one side and all the manifestly bad men on the other, there would be no danger of anyone, least of all the elect, being deceived by lying wonders. It is the good men, good once, we must hope good still, who are to do the work of Anti-Christ and so sadly to crucify the Lord afresh…. Bear in mind this feature of the last days, that this deceitfulness arises from good men being on the wrong side.

          1. Thank you for the Faber quote, it’s worth keeping in mind. In terms of Sanborn, the Thesis position is the only one I would ever consider in Sedeland. It was my discovery of the full terms of the Totalist position that turned me away like a boomerang. Visibility and Indefectibility cannot be reconciled with Totalist.

          2. Mark, have you listened to Fr. Dutertre’s sermon titled Traditionis Custodes? I’ve posted it several times and imo blows the R&R position out of the water using OT and NT. I’ve met father twice and really like him and of course he’s a Thesis priest. Give it a listen, it’s only 18 mins. Lmk your thoughts if you do.


          3. I watched the video. I payed special attention to his conclusions about “authority” at the end. I paused and re-watched to make sure I heard him correctly and fully.

            He recognized the question is a key one. “So where does our authority come from”, he posits.

            “He applied the faith”. That’s it.

            And from that, he interpreted Gal 1:8 in a certain way.

            The entire RC Church is nullified based on that.

            Not good enough. Not by a long shot.

            By that definition, *anyone* possesses equivalent authority to Fr Duterte’s and can judge everything accordingly, interpret accordingly (applying the faith) … the precise definition of Lutherian Protestantism.

          4. “The entire RC Church is nullified based on that?”

            No Aqua, the entire RC Church is not nullified solely on Gal 1:8. We have 6 decades of history since the council to also look at. We have a “canonically irregular” Society whose self professed job it is to sift the popes and magisterium of what they say is the RC Church. We have confusion and chaos in the VII “Church” as the archbishop deemed it necessary to write an open letter to CONFUSED Catholics. We have that confusion now spilling into ALL societies throughout the world. There is confusion and division within the sede groups as to how do we get a pope. There is confusion within the SSPX as you yourself hold to the ’22 sede position that YOUR hierarchy forcefully denies. My goodness the confusion is so bad, men think they’re women and vice versa.

            Have you pondered at all the unprecedented confusion throughout the Church and world? And that maybe, just maybe not having a pope who with Divine Protection and Inspiration can and does unify the whole Church is *likely* the cause?

            As to father’s sermon and your implication that his interpretation of Gal 1:8 is erroneous, could you tell us all the correct interpretation? Thanks

      2. Kono:
        My opinion about Gal 1:8 is obviously not relevant. Nor is Damien Duterte’s. The Church is our teacher. Not me. Not him. The Church does not teach what he teaches. He is on his own ground, not Magisterial ground.

        The Church does not grant Damien Duterte authority to deprive Popes and Bishops and Priests of Office, nullify all Sacraments, declare everything dead for the past 60 years in perpetuity, sending billions of souls thereby to hell by their own personal authority.

        1. Now HERE is a Priest speaking from the Magisterial ground of the RC Church, Padre Peregrino, Fr David Nix … everything he says in this article, linked below, I fundamentally agree with, basing his explanations on the writings of Saints Aquinas and Bellarmine.


          I have said before that I agree with Kono’s facts but disagree with her and NOW’s conclusions. My own conclusions to the facts, that rightfully trouble her, are summarized in the article linked above.

          1. Everything in Fr. Nix’s piece is reconcilable with sedevacantism. He makes no conclusions in it.

            “The bad guys in Rome are deforming something that is not Christ’s Church.”

            As far as I know, only sedes claim the VII religion/Church is not Christ’s Church. All other Catholics say it is.

      3. It may very well be a salvation issue, because if he were the false prophet he will tell folks that getting the mark of the beast is a-okay. Also, if people are convinced that he is legitimate they might apostatize, either joining his sinodal church of darkness/fraternity or calling Catholicism a lie because the gates of hell did overcome.

  5. Lol….and St. Catherine wasn’t dealing with an antipope spewing heresies on a daily basis. But then I seriously doubt St. Vincent Ferrer would have been on the wrong side either.

    1. But Saint Vincent ran around proclaiming that it was the end of the world, so even saints can make mistakes.

      1. Exactly…..I’m thinking Abp. Lefebvre. And I personally think he was probably a very holy man, but ultimately got it wrong. Calling a heretic (maybe not as obvious then as it is now) pope, does not “save” the Church, it destroys the notion of what the papacy IS. I really don’t see how any traditional priest at this point cannot or will not see it and warn their flocks.

      2. If it is not the end of the age, as Lucia indicated, whoever runs the world is certainly arranging so it looks like, what with a microchip that can be used to inject an ID into you and governments replacing cash with digital money that will be tied to digital ID and whatnot.

        I think traditional escathology is a bit like mitigated millenarianism, where the hero we look forward to is not Christ but the great monarch. The mission of the Church is not establishing Christendom or a Christian utopia but preaching the gospel to all nations before Christ returns.

        1. T
          I am currently reading Lord Of The World, Fr Robert Hugh Benson, for the second time.

          What I am finding is that the difference between now and the first time I read it, I recognize literal elements of the apostate satanic regime that welcomes Antichrist when he appears as the fulfillment of all their desires. His descriptions of the evil regime from when he wrote them 120 years ago were interesting, then (~ 10 years ago), but re-reading them now … it’s eerie … I see it all in current events.

          Absolutely one of the best, most topical books you can read, and one that I find very hopeful, heroic, true.


          This Baronius Press hardback edition is worth the small extra expense.

          1. Recommended by Jorge and Bishop Fulton Sheen? Could give new meaning to the term “functional contradiction.” 😉

            About this title
            Recommended by Pope Francis as a must-read book on several occasions, and described by Fulton Sheen as one of the three greatest depictions of the advent of the demonic in world literature, Lord of the World is science fiction with a difference. It foresees the West succumbing to a form of international socialism that crushes individuality. The forces of secular materialism, relativism and state control are everywhere triumphant. Protestantism is no more, and Catholicism which had seen a period of renewal in the first half of the twentieth century has been devastated by the development of new psychologies and the exodus of intellectuals in the wake of an Ecumenical Council. Euthanasia has become an instrument of the state, Esperanto the universal second language. Nevertheless, although organised religion has largely collapsed in the face of institutional secularism, a vague, humanistic religiosity militantly hostile to the exclusive and supernatural claims of the Church is present everywhere. Finally, the East, which has amalgamated into a single, pantheistic bloc, poses a military threat. With the world adrift from all spiritual moorings and seemingly doomed to enter into a civil war between East and West a sinister figure appears from nowhere to achieve world domination. Julian Felsenberg diplomat, scholar, guru, the Antichrist…
            “synopsis” may belong to another edition of this title.


        2. I believe it is Pope Pius XII (maybe XI) who said this has been done; the gospel preached to the whole world.

          1. In Europe or Europe-derived nations, probably. But I am positive there are many people who in Asia do not know of Jesus in any substantial way (and call Him a good man or prophet) and are forbidden to learn by their government, who have a vested interest to keep their citizens inside their sphere of influence.

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