DARPA wants to inject a ROOMBA into your bloodstream… what could go wrong?

via Childers’ substack, via DARPA’s for real site:

DARPA Seeks to SHIELD Blood from Fungal and Bacterial Pathogens

New program looks to combat bloodstream infections, a significant battlefield health threat
DARPA Seeks to SHIELD Blood from Fungal and Bacterial Pathogens

Fungal and bacterial pathogens can cause bloodstream infections (BSI), are a persistent and deadly threat to both civilian and military populations,1, 2 and are particularly prevalent in the military due to increased risk of infection following trauma. These infections can be uniquely challenging due to delays in diagnosis, antibiotic resistance and toxicity of treatments, especially for fungal infections.

But what if you could have a Roomba-like treatment circulating within your blood that whisks away pathogens before you get sick? DARPA’s new Synthetic Hemo-technologIEs that Locate & Disinfect (SHIELD) program aims to develop broad, preventive treatments for warfighters who suffer trauma from gunshot or blast wounds, or burns. Novel therapies would be administered as combat casualty care post-trauma with the aim to bind, clear, and defeat any fungi and bacteria in a pathogen-agnostic, or broad-spectrum manner before they can become a health risk. These therapies will be designed to protect the recipient for up to a week with a single dose; be durable, non-toxic, rapidly and broadly deployable; and be effective against the many different known and emerging bacterial and fungal threats.

“SHIELD is designed to develop innovative approaches to create safe and effective broad spectrum medical countermeasures that can defeat fungal and bacterial pathogens, thereby preventing serious disease and death,” noted SHIELD program manager, Dr. Christopher Bettinger. “While many of us may be familiar with the idea of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, there are an increasing number of pathogenic fungal strains that resist even the most potent anti-fungal compounds as a result of overuse of these compounds in hospitals and agricultural applications…”

6 thoughts on “DARPA wants to inject a ROOMBA into your bloodstream… what could go wrong?”

  1. The elites are getting a little antsy that enough of us have not yet succumbed to the vax, or have not yet taken the vax, that they’re over playing their hand.

  2. Go ahead and Boot up the MILSPEC’s since they gave up there rights anyway.

    After 20yrs , i’ll see how there doin and decide.

  3. I think medical technology is great, medical advancements in the last decade or so is borderline magic, and I think that it has and will do a lot of good to extend human life and improve quality of life.

    That being said the elites running the show (behind the names of “Musk” “Zuckerberg” and “Bezos”) are a bunch of fully and willingly possessed demoniacs who would fit right in with Carthaginian or Aztec sacrifices and I don’t want to be in the same room with any of them.

  4. If we quit going to war for Weimar interests, we won’t have to worry about these battlefield bloodborne infections.

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