3 thoughts on ““I’m an embalmer. This is not normal.””

  1. A hospice nurse here in Connecticut told me that a local embalmer she knows well called the state health department in Hartford and told them he would not release bodies (at least two) for burial until someone from State Health came to look at these things in them. This was about six months ago. Someone, somewhere, knows what this is.

  2. During an ultrasound last November I asked the tech if he’d noticed anything unusual since the rollout of the vaxx. Immediately he said “Yes! Their veins are filled with white plaque! It’s like someone painted my screen with whiteout.” He got quiet and serious and said “Veins don’t get plaque”. I mumbled something about how one would treat that. He just stared at me and was silent.

  3. The tyrants are defiant, unrepentant and want you to know that they don’t care.

    “Over the weekend, former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who advocated and led the use of terror messaging to drive support for and compliance with lockdown measures throughout 2020, choked back tears as he told the Government’s official COVID Inquiry that he is ‘profoundly sorry’ for each and every COVID death and hopes lockdowns will be ‘much earlier’ and ‘more stringent’ during the next pandemic.

    One need not have a background in law enforcement to recognize that these are the words of an entirely unrepentant sociopath. Hancock’s testimony seemed to confirm sceptics’ worst fears that the COVID Inquiry is being used as a pretext to institutionalise lockdowns, and it marked an astonishing new low for the COVID Inquiry, which so far has revealed little of value and assiduously avoided asking officials why they found the horrific decision to copy China’s lockdown policy remotely appropriate—though the officials have openly admitted lockdown wasn’t part of any Western country’s pandemic plan and have pondered whether any country would have done it had it not been for China.

    Rather, it reveals that many Members of Parliament are deliberately working to manipulate public perceptions to prevent the question of whether the UK should have imposed a lockdown from ever being asked—and it begs the troubling question of just how many of these MPs are not mere incompetents, but rather knowing accomplices to the crime. To be frank, it evidences just how vast the communist conspiracy which may have given birth to Western lockdowns may in fact be.

    That so many MPs may be knowing accomplices to the crime of lockdown helps explain why such transparently-questionable characters as 40-year British Communist Party Member Susan Michie; China admirer Neil Ferguson; Lancet Editor-in-Chief Richard Horton, who wrote that ‘public health’ is the ‘midwife of Marxism;’ lead lockdown advisor Chris Whitty; and lead lockdown scientist Jeremy Farrar were all able to play leading roles in the response to COVID and significantly advance their careers in its catastrophic aftermath without scrutiny.”


    Anyone who still thinks Russia was consecrated must decide, either the Vatican and Vatican-too fanatics lied, or the Mother of God and Jesus Himself lied. Which is it? Because I guarantee you it was not the latter.

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