28 year old basketball player dies suddenly, after previously blaming deathvaxx for his myocarditis

Basketball player Óscar Cabrera Adames died Thursday of a heart attack while undergoing a stress test at a health center in Santo Domingo. He was just 28 years old. Dominican sports commentator Héctor Gómez announced the news on Instagram.

Cabrera suffered from myocarditis, a disease that can reduce the heart’s ability to pump blood.

Following his death, social media posts surfaced where Cabrera claimed the heart condition came from two doses of the COVID vaccine — which he was required to get for work.

I got a damn Myocarditis from taking a f-cking vaccine. (I got 2 doses of Pfizer) And I knew it! Many people warned me. But guess what? It was compulsory or I couldn’t work. I am an international professional athlete and I am playing in Spain. I have no health problem, nothing, not hereditary, no asthma, NOTHING! I suddenly collapsed to the ground in the middle of a match and almost died. I’m still recovering and I’ve had 11 different cardiology tests done and guess? They find nothing. I have no cholesterol, no fat, nothing! 7% body fat 93% muscle. When they give me the diagnosis, they tell me that I won’t be able to play for at least 5 months until my heart goes down again and they can’t give me that medicine.

Basketball Player Óscar Cabrera Dies Of Heart Attack, Previously Blamed COVID Vaccine For Myocarditis
(Instagram: @hectorgomez_27)

Cabrera’s myocarditis first became known in December 2021, when he suffered a syncope (fainting) during a Spanish Amateur Basketball League game. He left for the hospital on a stretcher.

Óscar Cabrera Dies During Stress Test

The stress test allows doctors to see how the heart works during exercise.

During the test, a medical professional attaches electrodes to the patient’s chest. These electrodes connect to a machine that records the electrical activity of the heart (ECG). By watching this screen, doctors can record the heartbeat while the patient exercises.

But this stress test was too much for Cabrera, and it caused a heart attack.

5 thoughts on “28 year old basketball player dies suddenly, after previously blaming deathvaxx for his myocarditis”

  1. If you vaxxed yourself you need to get a d-dimer test to see if you have clots and a test to see if there is troponin in your blood. Troponin is a protein found only in the heart. If it’s in your blood you have damage to your heart (myocarditis).

  2. There is growing evidence that the big pharma cartels deliberately mixed in significant amounts of placebos with the vexxines.


    To fudge the data of vexxine injuries of course!

    Let’s assume your shot has a 100% guarantee of injury. Let’s also assume that the government regulators allow a 10% chance of injury as a safe product for the market.

    Then what you do is release 90 placebo shots for every 10 doses of the real shot. Then Hey Presto! Regulators monitoring safety and injury data believe your product meets safety standards!

    So chances are that if you took the shot and suffered no side effects, you should thank God you got the placebo!

    This also further proves THEY KNEW! And this story points at a darker truth of a highly coordinated evil experiment and a “pandemic” that was faked with more statistical trickery via PCR testing.

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