5 thoughts on “Bud Light 30pk cases now $3.57 after rebate…”

  1. Grabbed a Coors Light tallcan six for $8!
    Naw, I’ll pass even if it is free.

  2. Wow! Even without the rebate, that’s dirt cheap. In my location, the beer in Bud Light’s class (urine?) goes for about $12 or $13 for a twelve-pack at the grocery store. It’s hard to get anything for less than a buck-a-beer any longer. However, at that price, before rebate, it’s still barely more than 50 cents a bottle in that pic.

    Maybe this will be trend . . .

  3. I’m sitting in a somewhat “redneck” bar/restaurant in a “redneck” town somewhere in the South where I am for work. No Budweiser products in any of the taps and I don’t see any Bud bottles either. Happy Sacred Heart of Jesus month everyone.

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