Sad video: Clearly a woman, now trapped forever in a “man’s body”

It’s heartbreaking. Please, pray one Ave for this poor girl, and pray for justice for the murderers who did this to her.


3 thoughts on “Sad video: Clearly a woman, now trapped forever in a “man’s body””

  1. It’s very sad, and shows how emotionally fragile these people already are, and then what does it do to a person to have cross-sex hormones injected into them for years. What would it do to anybody? We are not telling people the truth. The suicide rate is very high for people caught in this situation. It is unacceptable for them to be lied to and left there. And to do this to children…the only word is evil.

  2. She is not trapped in a man’s body. She is in her own body but it is mutilated. And it must be awful the other way around too — how hard for a man trapped in his mutilated body trying to be a woman.

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