11 thoughts on “After being taken by 230M Americans, all three of the original covid jabs are now illegal in the U.S.”

  1. That is insane. And not one person wants to discuss this minor fact??? I tried to talk to my neighbor who got the j&j, but no. I am just crazy. Everything is fine. No issues with any of the poisons. But where do the victims go from here? Not one land shark wants to take on any of this?? That’s what I can’t grasp. Where are the money hungry lawyers??

    1. The key to pulling off the perfect crime is to involve and implicate as many many many people as possible into your scheme whereby having to hold you to account means legally exposing themselves to similar prosecution. The best crime where you don’t have to work hard to cover anything up. Everyone knows. And everyone also knows they participated in the crime – separating into two groups – those who know and remain silent least they expose themselves to prosecution, but at least cease and avoid bringing up the subject ever again as they live while hiding in plain sight – and those who will remain in denial because admitting it would shame them into depressing guilt they’d like to avoid – which runs the risk of all those things associated with diabolical narcissism and living a lie. These are the ones liable to persecute the innocent more ferociously in order to convince themselves.

  2. It’s like people have become zombies. I lost my entire social circle warning them about the vaccines, vaccine passports, digital ids, cbdc and other goodies listed on the official website of the world economic forum. When the conspirators give you blueprints of what they are doing is it even a conspiracy “theory”? Apparently I am the crazy guy for not just moving on with my life and amusing myself. As long as they have food and entertainment they will deny reality. They are like that cartoon dog in hell.

    1. It also has had an opposite effect on a lot of the unjabbed. I feel personally like I have lost my mind. When everyone else is crazy and going through this vax genocide as if nothing is going on, and life seemingly goes on as normal even as we see people dying all around is, you feel gaslit. Everyone is making every excuse possible instead of saying it was the jab.

      I was hoping that this evil wouldn’t be so manifest, so in your face and oppressive. But it is, and all people seem to be doing is ignoring it or pretending it isn’t happening.

      1. All we can do is hope people don’t get a digital id chip/ electronic tatoo to get food in the future. Right now they think I am some crazy guy, but when it finally happens I hope I planted enough seeds to scare them away from the mark of the beast, even if it means starvation. Right now it looks like most people will normalize getting chipped to get free money for life.

    2. I warned my family not to take them but no one listened. Recently my father, a man who took good care of himself suffered a stroke. A blood clot in the left side of the brain. He took all three Pfizer jabs in the very beginning.

  3. People are so concerned with having others think they are “crazy” for not believing the mainstream narratives or not doing what everyone else is doing that they would literally rather die. They’re okay with their loved ones dying for the lies, as well. I can never thank my parents enough for having us grow up as the odd ones who didn’t fit in with our fellow schoolmates and church parishoners. It made getting through this covid lie just another day in the life of an outsider.

    1. When my kids were young, they used to tell me the things that their friends were doing/allowed to do. I always told them I didn’t care at all about what anybody else was doing or what they thought of me. That strategy panned out for me and my family. Deus Gratias!

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