YouTube reverses policy, will allow election denial

via Yahoo News:

YouTube announced Friday it is reversing prior policy and will now allow for content denying the validity of the 2020 presidential election and other elections and spreading false claims about voter fraud.

The platform said in a blog post that effective immediately, it will stop removing content that shares false claims of “widespread fraud, errors, or glitches” from the 2020 election and other elections.

YouTube originally implemented its policy to remove content spreading election denial in December 2020…

Never Forget the Steal: 10:01pm 3 November 2020

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When nearly every “ballot” that comes in after 8pm on election night goes to one candidate, you damn well better have a talking point for that

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On November 3rd, 2020, most of us went to bed fairly confident that everything was going well, perhaps even better than planned. The Florida landslide was astonishing, and it bode very well for the nation. On Wednesday morning, as Trump’s big lead had vanished overnight in most of the swing states, I heard three different commentators on three different fake news networks utter nearly identical narratives to describe was occurring. Here, let Wiki explain it:

It seemed strange to me, being no spring chicken, that I had never heard of such a thing. Yet every commentator and “election expert” was spouting this in strikingly similar terms, as if reading from a script. It’s settled election science! Moreover, there is zero chance this can be an established fact, because this is the first time a general election has been contested largely through mail-in ballots due to corona… which puts corona under even more scrutiny.

Now, wiki has this blockchain feature where you can go back in time and review every edit that was ever made to an article. See the “View history” button at the top right? Click on that, and it will show line by line every edit. Scroll down and click the link at bottom left that says “oldest.”

This will take you to the very beginning, the day the article was first created on wiki. Any guess as to when this “well established” political dynamic of Red Mirage/Blue Shift was first invented? How about 1 August 2020…

Just one more thing. Remember “14 Days to Flatten the Curve?” Remember how this was how they got everyone to shut everything down, go into lockdown, and start this entire spiral? “We have to follow the science, we can’t risk overwhelming the hospitals, this is well-established epidemiology, dammit, you’re just selfish and want to kill grandma.”

When do you think this well-established scientific fact was invented? How about 12 March 2020:

5 thoughts on “YouTube reverses policy, will allow election denial”

  1. They’re doing it because Biden will not be the nominee, they want to astroturf the 2020 election, and/or find people to prosecute.

  2. There is only one reason for this now: it is too late to do anything. The media moguls, globalists, and oligarchs (I repeat myself) ensured that sufficient time had passed that would mean questioning the 2020 “election” is out of style, and Biden is an actual, legally installed “president.”

    In addition, they “save face” for the Great Steal of 2024, meaning that people will once again think the news sources are legitimate and trustworthy…

    1. I agree with Aaron. This is akin to Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown, only to pull it away as he kicks, making him fall on his back humiliated. As soon as Biden, or whatever satanic POS the Dens nominate wins the general, the press and social media cancellations will rev right back up, even more viscous than they were in 2020 and yes, that means arresting people who post “the wrong way” on social media and comboxes. Oh, and Trump and DeSantis are in on the whole thing so put away the hopium pipe.

      Death to freemasonry. Christ the King now and forever.

  3. Hmmmmm… I’m cynical enough to believe that this is primarily for the Deep State to remove Biden. It seems the FBI may also, after being threatened, hand over documents implicating Biden. The Bidens have too many problems, he is mentally unfit to be the face of the racket that is the Deep State. They could just dump every problem on him, impeach, but declare him too old to go to prison. Admit the election was stolen, hope that placates everyone without further inquiry into who else was involved, maybe even fabricate Biden’s Ukraine links into Russian ones and say Putin rigged the election. The Press will bend over to declare they were also confused by the Trump Russia colusion hoax because those Russians play chess etc. A great American Perestroika is at hand and all is right in the world now. The circus carries on , but now with a new show.

    1. The left could even admit the steal and get rid of Biden and boost Trump on purpose, to get a new candidate to trounce Trump.

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