FDA Says “Misinformation Can Spread 6x Faster Than Facts”

The FDA released a video on May 16 warning the public of the dangers of misinformation. At one point in the video, the FDA says, “Misinformation can spread 6x faster than facts,” without any data or facts to back the statement up. The FDA ostensibly shared the video because they continue to worry about the impact of “dangerous” misinformation on public health.

The video and the PDF viewer on the FDA rumor control page direct Americans to “trusted sources” like “independent fact checkers” or government websites. However, given what we saw during the pandemic concerning effective treatments for COVID-19 that were not approved by the government narrative, it is hard to trust advice from a governmental website fully. The FDA continues to toe the line, evoking terms used during the pandemic to enlist the public’s help to “stop the spread” of harmful online misinformation. The language used here is purposely manipulative, eliciting memories and behavior when the public was much more controlled by such language.

The rumor control page is yet another example of the way the U.S. government continues to lead Americans by the nose back to what it deems to be “trusted information.” The page also shows messaging from the government that seems to cover all the bases, just in case “the science” doesn’t work out. Its “recommendations evolve” with the science, and “the science” is determined by the ones in power.

Think back to the CDC’s and Fauci’s waffling about masking, or better yet, think about how thousands of years of science about viruses were conveniently thrown out the window during the pandemic to suit their purposes. “Trust the science” was really more about “trusting the government’s” version of it at the time.

One governmentally opposed narrative seen during the pandemic surrounded the use of Ivermectin as an effective treatment for COVID-19. The manic pushback on using the well-tested and safe medication was perplexing, to say the least. It is one of the “safest drugs in the world and is on the World Health Organization’s list of safe drugs.”

It seems the government and the media orchestrated a full-frontal assault on Ivermectin to frighten and discourage the use of the drug. As a result, Ivermectin was almost impossible to obtain from pharmacies for many months during the pandemic. Prescriptions went unfilled, and many did not receive what may have been a life-saving treatment. In some cases, individuals desperate to recover from COVID-19 used horse paste obtained from the local Tractor Supply containing Ivermectin, sending the government into a frenzy of misinformation on the drug’s safety.

Many doctors who did not relent to the fear-mongering used Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine with great success to treat patients with COVID-19. However, getting the correct information to the public was enormously difficult because of the government’s disinformation campaign, and fear of the drug persisted well into the pandemic. It is thought that many died because of disinformation from the U.S. government and its public servants.


A post from Rep. Thomas Massie seems to demonstrate just how far the government is willing to go to prevent the public from obtaining certain drugs without a prescription—drugs that have been used for decades by farmers for animals. On June 11, the FDA will make a list of medications no longer available over-the-counter at feed stores for animal use. Given what happened during the pandemic, the worry is that the FDA and the government will gradually tighten their grip on safe and efficacious over-the-counter medicines for humans as well.




4 thoughts on “FDA Says “Misinformation Can Spread 6x Faster Than Facts””

  1. Thanks for the heads-up. It’s creepy the way the FDA insists we trust them, trust the science…but pushes unsafe experimental shots while restricting access to safe, effective, proven medicine. After the debacle of 2020-2022, I will never trust the FDA; well, not that I ever really did.

    Yet in other countries, many drugs the US restricts are available without prescriptions (examples – topical Retin-A, which I order from overseas, and the I-drug, which I share with my equine friends). There are many antibiotics you can just buy at drugstores in other countries. Our healthcare system makes ordinary common sense medical treatment unavailable or prohibitively expensive for citizen taxpayers.

    Nobody can afford NOT to take extremely good care of themselves and be proactive about health, because it’s pretty obvious citizens will not have access to actual medicine too much longer.

  2. I speculate that they shall use artificial intelligence to post garbage all over the internet so people cannot tell fact from fiction and will cause people to dismiss all evidence of their evil conspiracies. Right now it is still possible to learn about the NWO.

    Or alternatively after a cyberattack they will make internet usage tied to a digital id.

  3. Just one question. Does Ivermectin fall under this rule? It isn’t an antibiotic; it’s an anti-parasite drug. Anyone know for sure?

    1. Easy. They’ll just change the definition of antibiotic to include anti parasite and boom. You won’t be getting ivermectin at all. See? Easy peasy! You know. Like they changed the definition of vaccine. Your overlords have it all under control.

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