4 thoughts on “Toilets are racist”

  1. We must make slit trench latrines and move into mud huts topped with feces roofs in order to atone.
    Forty million dollars in reparations for all who have been butthurt.

  2. White people also invented eyeglasses; today most eyeglasses are made in Italy. Blue frames? Are you appropriating our blue eyes? Should I be offended? We also invented English. And the Internet. So….

    Off topic, but I am LOVING the way you can identify which people to steer clear of these days by the fact that they cover the lower half of their faces. When I see a mask, I know that in charity I must avoid that person (while praying they receive wisdom). You don’t even have to wait for them to say something inane or incendiary. Great way to safeguard my time and energy.

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