Transamerica: Seven years later, one wonders what horrors await us in the next seven

Are you gearing up for what will surely be the gayest, most trans jennered “pride month” in history? Have you shopped Target and Old Navy for the latest in sex pervert fashion for infants and toddlers? Will you try to boycott all the woke rainbow corporations whose products you buy? I can’t imagine all the LGBTQXYZ parties being planned in public elementary schools. But hey, at least the Bud Light is on deep discount.

I penned the following short essay at a time when I thought we had a country worth saving. A few months later, in our last free election, voters rejected this satanic ideology by electing a man who gave them hope. His victory exposed the reality of the breadth and depth of the Deep State, while the Deep Church was also hatching out of the mud at the same time. Alas, his four years didn’t end so well.

I’m not even sure we have seven more years. The Fatima deadline is 2029.

Our Lady of Fatima, of the Rosary, pray for us.


In America, a time for choosing

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And so it came to pass, 13 May 2016, the Obama administration announces it will cut federal funding to schools who do not allow transgender students to use the bath/locker room of whichever gender they identify with.  We love the little children so much, it simply must be done. HERE

Today is the day we decide if we are going to take back our country.
That’s a pretty big deal, so we should probably examine some facts and try to determine exactly what’s at stake here.  Without getting into some of the more bizarre claims of the Trans movement, where there may be oh a thousand genders, let’s just stick with the simple case of “the gender I identify with is the opposite of my biological sex.”

Indoctrination of children in “gender studies” and forcing them to “choose” genders is child abuse.  Gender Dysphoria in children is not unusual, especially among girls.  Ever hear of a “tomboy”?  They’re not exactly rare.  In the vast, vast majority of cases, everything works itself out during puberty, when the sex hormones do their thing.  To force or encourage hormonal treatment of a pre-pubescent child should be a crime.
Gender Dysphoria in adults is a mental illness.  It’s a disorder.  As such, treatment is the rational course, even if the effectiveness of treatment varies.  Celebration and encouragement lead to further misery.  Ten minutes of research into life outcomes of this group will astound you.  41% attempt suicide.  The movement will try to convince you that’s all about bullying and social stigma, but it’s not.  Even those who have “fully transitioned” (in quotes because that’s not physically possible) are still overwhelmingly very sad, regretful, and yes, still very suicidal.  Please, ten minutes, do the research.  There are entire websites dedicated to this.

The irony of the bath/changing/locker room signage battle is inescapable.  The Trans movement has spent years attempting to disconnect gender from biological sex.  Yet the sign on the locker room isn’t referring to your feelings (even if those feelings are very real).  The sign is referring to your biological sex, which is a metaphysical certitude.  The X and Y don’t lie.
We’re going to hear a lot of talk about hatred and bigotry.  I want to talk about love.  Love and charity.  When you profess to love someone, or to be charitable to your fellow man, you are professing that you care for them.  These people are hurting; there is no doubt about that.  They deserve to have their human dignity upheld and respected.  Sometimes, caring means sharing hard truths for the well-being of another.  If you really do care, then it’s your duty to call it out.  Because the opposite of love isn’t hate, the opposite of love is indifference. Doing nothing, staying silent, is the opposite of love.

Let me assure you, what’s going on here with fedgov intervention has nothing to do with Trans rights.  Do you really think the political ruling class gives a shit about 0.0016 of the voting population?  No.  This is about pushing the envelope to see where the breaking point lies.  This is about testing the moral fabric of this country to see just how outrageously they can overreach until somebody decides to do something about it.  This is a weighing of the sheeple. (update 5/19/2023 now as many as 25% of teenagers identify as LGBTQIXYZ – it happens this quickly – nvp)

I hope everyone understands this: If you support biological men in girls’ locker/bath/changing rooms, you are making a conscious choice to place the feelings of a tiny minority above the physical safety of all women and children.  If that’s your opinion, just get comfortable with the fact that, in your mind, an increased level of violence against women and children in the form of rape, assault and murder by sexual predators abusing this new paradigm is simply the price of progress.

This is an appeal to every father, brother, husband.  Do you willfully submit to putting your daughters, sisters and wives at grave risk for the sake of the “feelings” of 0.0016 of the population?  Are you okay with giving the green light for every sexual predator to claim he “feels like a woman” and to freely enter, by federal law, any girls’ bathroom, changing room, or locker room he wants? If not, what are you going to do about it?  Do you even have the balls to share this post?

Here’s an idea:  Withdraw your kids from public school on Monday.  Give the schools and the states the summer to stand up to the fedgov overreach.  That action brings zero risk to you and your family, yet if done on a massive scale, could do some real good. HERE

This is a war on women and children.  Period.

Gentlemen, into the breach…

11 thoughts on “Transamerica: Seven years later, one wonders what horrors await us in the next seven”

  1. I would like to just say that pretending to be a democracy allows those who control the narrative to make the decisions and lets them pretend it’s the people making their own choices unlike an authoritarian state that makes no such pretence.

    1. Exactly the reason they’ve been drilling “our democracy” into our brains on a continuous loop for the past several years. Like they’re trying to hypnotize the public into believing in a reality that’s 180 degrees opposite the actual reality.

  2. The authoritarian state therefore is the more honest. Our whole society and government are based on lies. The leaders lie to the people, the media lie to the people, the doctors lie to the people and the people believe and follow the lies accordingly.

  3. Ah but we are not a democracy, we are a representative republic. I’m so tired of the whole democracy thing, learn your history lessons,people or you will be bound to repeat the errors of the past. Oh, wait a minute, isn’t that what is happening at this very moment?

  4. Well, at least a few folks FINALLY withdrew from the public schools lately. Granted, it to a scamdemic to jumpstart the initiative.

    On a semi-related note, this business with the cognitive dissonance continues to reach a fever pitch. Today, Michael Voris, to his credit, puts most of the important Bergoglian antipapacy data right there for his entire audience. Yet he STILL can’t comprehend that “antipope,” “not pope,” “never pope,” and “post-Benedict (Dec. 31, 2022) sedevacantism” are the same thing.
    This Vortex is worth watching (albeit excruciating):

  5. We are neither a democracy, nor a republic and haven’t been for some time. We choose the people that the “globalists” (Jewish elites) get to manipulate or play in their theater of usury and exploitation. They own the media, tv, movies, newspapers that our elected officials consume. They own the CIA which plants stories and narratives that spark emotional outrage in us and our elected officials to elicit a desired response. Our elected officials fall right into the trap because they don’t understand the game.

  6. The chair of Peter has been vacant CERTAINLY since December 31, 2022. It has been vacant POSSIBLY since October 9, 1958 or June 3, 1963.

  7. Yes! The Fatima dead-line is 2029. You’re the first commentator I’ve come across who gets this.

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