List of colleges that never mandated the deathvaxx

Mind you, I am not advocating going $200K-$300K into debt for a useless degree. Fueled by government-mandated forever-loans, which can’t be dismissed even if you file for bankruptcy, higher education has become a racket surpassed only by the healthcare system. Over the past 30 years, these unsecured loans have fed an annual cycle of tuition increases that boggles the mind – so much so, the schools literally don’t know what to do with the money.

Back in the day, you needed a four-year degree to even be considered for certain jobs on the corporate ladder. Increasingly, this is no longer the case. Supervisor, Manager, and Director-level roles are now routinely held by non-degreed folks who have the proper work experience required, well into six-figure salary range.

This is to say nothing of the huge demand for skilled trades, and the secure future of those who pursue them. Welders, glaziers, plumbers, electricians, etc. Nearly six-figures a year, perhaps higher, with only ~$10K investment in training, and you will never be unemployed.

But anyway, here is the list. It is sorted alpha by state, then alpha by school. So scroll down to the state first, then find the school you want.

4 thoughts on “List of colleges that never mandated the deathvaxx”

  1. Kind of on topic, the following video. It is a testimony of a former leftist, but a leftist with a conscience – which is rare. And that conscience pricked her, to which she responded – an honest leftist, even more rare. And it made her think – a rational leftist, this lady is rare indeed.

    Her testimony here details how she “woke” up and saw with real eyes for the first time the cult she was in. She walked away from the KoolAid vat and lived to tell the tale … which is in this interesting video link.

  2. An interesting tweet, related to this topic of those who chose well, those who didn’t:

    Dr. Natalia

    “I will never regret the vaccine. Even if it turns out I injected actual poison and have only days to live. My heart and is was in the right place. I got vaccinated out of love, while antivaxxers did everything out of hate. If I have to die because of my love for the world, then so be it. But I will never
    regret or apologize for it.”

    – end tweet –

    Here is an interesting window into the mind of a slice of our medical profession – those so called doctors who were more in line with (literally) the Nazi practitioners who carried out the will of the fascist regime upon the unwanted, the unneeded and (most importantly) the unwilling. She told herself from the beginning – she was a practitioner of science; that all she did was in the name of cold, rational science (like the Nazi).

    But now, she stands exposed, not as a scientist, but as a tool, a tool of the regime. And she is struggling with the problem of … how did you say it previously in a post here? … *cognitive dissonance …

    What to do? She is faced with the realization that her professional life has been reduced to channeling innocent people, including herself, to a vast vat of KoolAid which she now realizes is poison, and people will die, have died, are dying – including. she now realizes, herself.

    And so to treat her cognitive dissonance she leaves her science rationalizations behind, since they are obvious lies, and – like the cult member she is – tells herself and those she sent to the vat of KoolAid that it was all for love.

    Amazing! It is a Jim Jones death cult writ large on a national scale.

  3. I’m very glad to see my Alma mater Cairn in PA is on the list.
    I hope many young people will think twice and transfer to one of these great schools, who respect sanity and freedom

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