Philly teenager “dies suddenly” from turbo cancer less than 24 hours after diagnosis

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

4 thoughts on “Philly teenager “dies suddenly” from turbo cancer less than 24 hours after diagnosis”

  1. The blood. Cancer of the blood.

    And these talking fools don’t understand.

    Didn’t you just cross-post a piece by Fr. Nix on Cognitive Dissonance?

    How did you put it …oh, yeah, there it is –

    – NVP quote –

    “But I’d say the multitude just can’t bring their intellect into conformity with the obvious, obvious, reality staring them in the face.”

    – end quote –

    This is what happens when you put our most fundamental human right in prison: the right to think and speak clearly; what happens when the only thought is the centralized approved thought … and everyone that accepts those terms shake their head in wonder because the reality they’ve been granted by the prison warden (of the mind) doesn’t match the objective facts assaulting their eyes.

    Cognitive dissonance – on display in these pathetic propaganda readers.

  2. Bill Gates deserves the ultimate punishment.
    Donald Trump deserves the ultimate punishment.
    Joe Biden deserves the ultimate punishment.
    Fauci, Walenski, Bourla, every state department of health administration , every governor that pushed the vax, every employer that mandated it, every doctor that promoted it and injected it, every single person that had anything to do with the vax deserves the ultimate punishment.
    Antipope Bergoglio deserves the ultimate punishment.

    Yes, yes, I cannot judge/condemn. But I will anyway.

    1. jmy1975, They may not receive their just punishment in this life, but rest assured, they will not be able to hide this monstrous crime from The Judge.

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