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  1. We are who we are biologically and spiritually – body and soul, unified as one. We are made by God, in the image and likeness of God, according to the will of God, to fulfill the purpose of God, to which God we will one day give account for our great gift of the Divine spark of life.

    These are facts that are not dependent upon personal belief or knowledge. It is a revelation from heaven that it is so.

    And so this explains the desperation and profound hopelessness of a man or woman who has forever destroyed that which God has made. It is a physical manifestation of rebellion at its most fundamental that will never go away and is must intimately present every second of future existence. It must seem like a living suicide. Which may explain the extreme anger of such.

    The Church, God’s physical presence among fallen mankind, is so needed on these perverse days of moral confusion. But instead, the Church Herself (outwardly) is confused. So who can help these poor, poor lost sinners? Imagine the deep hope and joy in such a sinner at the lowest possible bottom of existence … who is forgiven their sins and led by Our Lady to the Cross side by side with the Magdalen – restored! THIS is what we bring in our Mission “to the peripheries” (now also at the center).

    1. I think with how advanced our science is it should be obvious the world was made by an intellegent being, but even athiest scientists persist in the folly that the intelligible universe they study came about by an unintelligent cause. Then people say, “Well, the smartest men in the world don’t believe in God so there must be no credible evidence for his existence” while typing on machines that use the laws of math and electromagnetism and rely on reality to be ordered.

      1. I’d choose Aristotle for my team over Richard Dawkins any day.

        The truly “smart” (wise) people are those who know how much they don’t know, and how valuable are the shoulders of the knowledge giant upon which they stand. The atheists are always way too clever and full of themselves and typically think all knowledge begins and ends with their own discoveries – “New research shows ‘gender’ is a construct, fungible based on desire … so that is that”.

        “There is nothing new under the Sun” (King Solomon).

        1. I don’t consider them the smartest men in the world, but admirers of science might.

          I once pressed an atheist on this. They ended up saying the order is an illusion of the mind. And the idea of the multiverse is basically “we got lucky”. Absolutely every excuse to avoid the conclusion that the Creator of the universe is an Intelligent Being, to avoid the inevitable corollary that they are bond to obey God and His commandments as His creatures.

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