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  1. At this point I expect the Ukrainians (Americans) will fly a fiery drone into the roof of Buckingham Palace in an attempt to kill King Charles and blame it on Putin.

  2. Every day there is something thrown in your face to demoralize you. It was insulting to see Queen Mary’s crown placed on Camilla Parker Bowles’ head this morning.

  3. Did you forget anything? A good list, indeed. But he forgot perhaps the most important thing in our dying Constitutional Republic: *Democrats commit industrial scale voter fraud to remain in power*.

    Huge recommend to the following speech by AG Ken Paxton (TX), at the Heritage Foundation leadership summit last week.

    He is working at ground zero to protect Texas, but he is here to say he cannot hold the line unless others join him on the line. The evil cheaters *will* prevail, ultimately, in Texas and everywhere else unless we name it and fight it together – which.

    In this speech he names it; defines it; identifies its authors; shows how we defeat it. With any luck, it’s a Patrick Henry moment. Because the hour is very late, and we are almost at our end.


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