12 year old girl suffers heart attack minutes into soccer practice

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – The soccer community is rallying around one Valley family after their 12-year-old daughter had a sudden cardiac arrest on the field just minutes into her practice.

This happened Thursday night, and since then, soccer coaches and teams from all over the country have shown their support while she recovers at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Her dad, Matt Midkiff, says Pyper Midkiff and her twin sister Emori are star athletes on their youth soccer team. She’s played for six years and has never had any health issues.

Midkiff was coaching soccer for a different team nearby when this happened and sprinted over as soon as he got the call. When he arrived, his first thought was how this could have happened? A mother of a player on the team performed lifesaving CPR until the ambulance got there but, in the ambulance, she lost her pulse again. She was then flown to PCH…


6 thoughts on “12 year old girl suffers heart attack minutes into soccer practice”

  1. As sad as this news is, we have to get it out there while we still have a (somewhat) free press. The world needs to know that this is happening, and to start putting two and two together. Have mercy on this child’s soul Oh Lord; and have justice on U.S. big pharma, federal, state and local government, academia and media personnel.

  2. Ann Barnhardt has warned that unless you’re spiritually prepared for what is about to happen, you risk losing your mind amid all the evil, chaos. She’s 100% right.

    Children are having seizures, heart attacks, strokes, clots, rare diseases, aggressive cancers. Then there are babies born in Britain who die shortly after birth due to their mother’s being vaxxed. The NHS has directed doctors to label these deaths stillbirths. Otherwise, by law, an autopsy has to be conducted.

    While there is no way to verify this, it is quite possible the world has already lost 1 billion people because of these bio-weapons.

    This girl from Phoenix will die young, will never have a normal life, and is probably sterile. All from the vaccine.

    We are living in the most evil time in human history.

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