“FDA authorization standards for vaccines do not require demonstration of the prevention of infection or transmission… a vaccine can meet the EUA standard without any evidence that the vaccine prevents infection or transmission.”

Download the ruling and go to page 11:

6 thoughts on ““FDA authorization standards for vaccines do not require demonstration of the prevention of infection or transmission… a vaccine can meet the EUA standard without any evidence that the vaccine prevents infection or transmission.””

  1. The goal of a leftist, since theirs is a satanic system of government, is to both:

    a): Render their reign and rules arbitrary, capricious, dangerous, ugly, lacking in common sense.


    b): Compel those they rule (as opposed to “the governed”) to comply in every nonsense detail – the more insane the rules, the more obvious their power when we obey, which makes it all the more pleasurable to themselves.

    I think it is clear by now there is more to this devolution of civilization than that which we see with our eyes and comprehend with our mind. This is spiritual, and it must be met on those terms.

  2. Fun fact. When Trump got the FDA to rubber stamp the vaccine, he and Pfizer and Moderna said the vaccines were 90-95% effective and safe. None of them, much less Trump, has apologized for lying.

    When you get vaxxed the entire reason you have to sign a card is because you’re part of a clinical trial, a phase 3 clinical trial. So that they said it was safe and effective but also put you in a phase 3 clinical trial is nonsensical.

    But then this entire saga is! We live in the realm of the demonic now, where nothing will ever make sense, and people will still go along with it.

    One of the arguments I get from the Trump jock sniffers is that the FDA approves vaccines, Trump has no input. Of course the FDA is part of the Department of Health and Human Services, which is a cabinet position under authority of the President. This is why Warp Speed , which is such an asinine name, directed the FDA to approve 3 vaccines Trump admitted he picked out.

    THis Orange, adulterous, narcissistic buffoon , when he had the chance to really be a leader and say “NO”, wimped out and said yes. Yes to his ego. Yes to fear of losing 2020. Yes to Fauci. Yes to his son in law. He didn’t take 5 minutes to research mRNA on his own. Because he didn’t want to. Because he didn’t care.

    That the Democrats would take this bioweapon and run with it is a given. I knew that. WE expect “Conservatives” to conserve something. The fact that 250+ million US citizens have at least one batch of poison on their body is so shocking and demonic that if you really try to comprehend it you risk losing your mind.

    And Donald Trump is the spring where all this, in the USA at least, came from.

    1. Partially true. Moderna, in 2017, bragged they were working on a vaccine for a “unnamed” virus. This means that for 3 years, Moderna was working on their clot shot. We know that in late March, Moderna approached Trump with a “trial ready” candidate. A few days later, Operation Warp Speed was born. If Moderna was working on their shot before 2019, then so was Pfizer, and J&J. Trump would have seen their work as HIS success, because he did operation Warp Speed, and their efficiency could be tied to his program. That’s what narcissists do.

      Much work has been done that shows us that the groundwork for the ‘Vid has been years in the making, before Trump, and probably before Hussein. It was Hussein who moved “gain of function” research (ostensibly being done to predict how viruses would “evolve” in the wild and produce vaccines for them) out of the States (because they were “dangerous”). The DoD was actually in charge of that, as demonstrated by the funding of the NIAID (which funded the ‘vid research).

      Trump does not escape blame, but he is easily manipulated, and the mechanism for these crimes was well established. All he needed was a push.

      1. I’m not sure how what I said was “partially true”. You merely repeated what I said. The only difference is that you’re trying to make Trump look sympathetic.

        First, Moderna pivoted from rare diseases to vaccines in 2017 because mRNA killed everything it touched. All Big Orange had to do, if he really cared about the country he leads, is take 5 minutes away from Twitter time and research mRNA. I knew all about it before 2020 simply by…reading.

        Pfizer leased the mRNA in its vax from Moderna. JJ is viral vector. Still deadly, but it isn’t mRNA. So it all comes back to Moderna.

        You’re trying to say that Trump is easily manipulated and so yes, he’s less to blame. But as Vigano tried to point out to Trump in his letter to him, Trump is a type of katehcon. And Trump failed. NOT because he is “easily manipulated” but because he panicked and wanted to win reelection in 2020.

        YES, the powers that be were working on it. That Trump fired their gun out of panic and fear does not excuse his crime. It actually makes it worse. He could’ve been a real leader. And knowing that, why anyone would ever vote for the Clown again is beyond me.

        So Trump deserves to be on the gallows with Gates, Bourla, Fauci, Biden, etc.

        Ps. GIven the abject horror of what mRNA has done, you’d think Trump would try to get in front of it, say he was duped, manipulated, like all his defenders say. Instead he has never retracted his full-throated defense of “Warp Speed”, which he said was one of “Mankind’s Greatest Achievements”. I guess maybe he is going to rely on all the dupes who support him.

  3. This Viva Barnes interview with Bret Weinstein was a further eye opener @about 23 min when he goes into the issues with lab mice, and exactly what that might mean with regard to “safe and effective” for all drugs.


  4. It’s been years and nobody who promoted lockdowns has gone to jail. They just say “sorry” by which they mean they regret getting caught and next time they hopefully won’t get caught.

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