Gov Newsom calls in National Guard to San Francisco, Dirty Harry not available for comment

Written by Joe Burn Apr. 21, 2023 • 4:32pm

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday that San Francisco police and District Attorney Brooke Jenkins have been told to tap California Highway Patrol and National Guard resources to battle the city’s drug crisis…

The announcement directs the four agencies to figure out a path to work together to better deal with San Francisco’s open-air drug dealing scene in the Tenderloin neighborhood and other areas of the city. The National Guard will identify specialist personnel and resources to support the analysis of drug trafficking operations, with a particular focus on disrupting and dismantling fentanyl trafficking rings.

“The CalGuard is seeing significant success supporting multiagency task forces interdicting fentanyl across our state,” said Major Gen. Matthew P. Beevers of the California National Guard. “We expect to achieve the same success working with our partners in San Francisco.”

“THE CAVALRY IS COMING!” tweeted SF Supervisor Matt Dorsey, a former police communications executive, in reaction to Newsom’s Friday announcement…

13 thoughts on “Gov Newsom calls in National Guard to San Francisco, Dirty Harry not available for comment”

  1. Hi Non Veni Mark. I’ve witnessed the degeneracy of SF firsthand and the homeless there are of a different breed. They’re more aggressive, virtually uninhibited by basic social decency and a goodly percentage are criminally insane. I don’t know if Newsome is sincerely trying to eradicate hard drugs from San Francisco or if it’s become so intolerable there that he has to make a show of force to appease his constituency, but if he does indeed manage to get rid of fentanyl in SF there’s going to be about a 3 week period of chaos as the addicts there go through opioid withdrawals. There’s a lot of poo on the streets already but when a homeless opioid addict’s bowels let loose after a few weeks of no movement the sidewalks are going to turn brown. God have mercy upon the faithful Catholics living there.

  2. It’s not an actual problem, because it’s a feature not a bug. This is how the elected officials of SF and Cali like it, dependent, drunk, high, criminal, filthy, violent, and stupid. People in that state are easy to control.
    It’s a God-sized problem. The only way to “solve” it is to remove every single person there on the street and warehouse them in facilities of one kind or another. Get them off the street and into a facility. But what facility? Do they even have any? And how many Californians would be beating down the doors of those facilities saying, it’s not compassionate, they’re happier lying in feces on the street. You’re criminal to take them out.
    Californians, or liberals anywhere, who tolerate this hell on earth are getting what they’ve tolerated and voted for.

    1. You scratch and wonder – “How do they tolerate this; they actually seem to like it, want more of it; why trade natural beauty for squalid”?

      And then you read this … “Ahh, yes, of course” …

      43 For there is no good tree that bringeth forth evil fruit; nor an evil tree that bringeth forth good fruit. 44 For every tree is known by its fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns; nor from a bramble bush do they gather the grape. 45 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth that which is evil. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. (Like 6:43-45)

      The streets of SFO are a perfect manifestation of the black hearts that rule that sad, sick city – what is hidden inside the realm of the soul(s) is revealed outside in the physical realm.

      The problem is spiritual, not political. Those who could do something for the list souls and their sorry state of life are instead following the false Vicar of Who Am I To Judge.

      The solutions to SFO, like all other similar problems elsewhere around our world, lies in Rome which is disconnected now from Eternal Rome. Restore the Church, restore the world – no other way.

  3. I used to live in SF. In one of the “nice” neighborhoods. I recently saw a news report about homeless problem on the streets I used to walk on as a child. That neighborhood had ZERO problems when I was a kid/teen (I graduated one of SF Catholic in name only High Schools back in 2004.)

    I haven’t stepped foot in that city in years, and I only plan on only putting more distance between myself and it. SF is what a collapsing civilization looks like.

  4. To paraphrase a line spoken by Hal Holbrook in Magnum Force – “San Francisco has sunk lower than whale s***!“

    1. Hmmmm… It is pretty lengthy a message for an apprition, where most messages meant for public revelation are short and to the point.

      Also suspect is the little leaven there that Vatican II is merely a “misinterpreted” council. Fatima is brought up, but no confession for his part in burying the 3rd Secret, or what was contained therin, nor for never consecrating Russia, particularly relevant now, don’t you agree? That is suspect.

      I would continue to pray for his soul and not presume from the described imagery that he is in Heaven already.

      1. To both of you, I don’t disagree. This could very possibly be a deceit or fabrication of some type. However. It could also be genuine. And despite going through two translators – it SOUNDS like Benedict. Not some poor south american nun.

        Further, if the assertions about Giulio Colombi can be proven out – that is… indicative.

        I put it forward not necessarily because I believe it (nor, for that matter, do I disbelieve it) but because I believe it deserves, even needs, discussion.

        1. Urieangeli,

          There are only two options (it seems to me):

          1: God granted His Church the grace of an explanation, post mortem, prior to the chastisement, of an actual and minutely detailed explanation of what until now has been exceedingly and demoralizingly hidden and confused. What has been hidden is exposed to Divine light by God’s grace.

          2: Someone forged the vision and pretends to speak for God Himself by faking a divine visit by a fake saint with fake words about a fake conflict touching on the most horrific accusations one can imagine against those in supreme authority by an actual Holy Father, deceased, unable to defend himself, who deserves veneration.

          Either option, when you stop and think about it, is awesome in its significance – very good, or very bad.

        2. In the age of apostasy, the faithful are not as dependably led into Truth by the Fathers as God intended, so it becomes paramount that when issues like this “apparition” appear for our consideration, we have tools to believe, know and to speak with the mind of the Church, rather than our own personal mind and opinions. My opinion (our opinions) is not relevant to the Faith. What says Holy Mother Church?

          With regard to the apparition you refer to here, it is compelling if for no other reason(s) than its length and granular detail and its possible importance to the life of the Church in the aftermath of great acts of spiritual scandal and violence. It is also compelling (not in a good way) because the possibility exists that this is just another bold, deceptive act of the enemy designed to sow intrigue, further scandal and deceptions.

          What to do? We all have opinions about pretty much everything. But opinions are cheap. What says the Church? This 1 + 18 video from Fr Ripperger (FSSP) on “Discerning Apparitions” could be useful in developing context and a personal well-formed conscience.

          1. Urielangeli,

            And an addendum, fwiw …. that comment about “opinions” includes Ann Barnhardt who recently made astute observations about this “message from heaven”.

            Barnhardt is usually right (imo) and gets to the truth in very logical and unique ways. I read her regularly. That being said, she does not speak with authority. She has opinions. She might help one find the Magisterial voice if the Church, but she has as much say in it as you or I.

            Her response, for instance, referenced a key point that Fr Ripperger made (in his attached video presentation) is that messages from heaven are always *short and concise*; messages from other sources, especially diabolical (who can imitate angels of light) are long, detailed and vaguely strange – which this “message” in question obviously is.

            It is easy to slip into the bad habit of taking favored commentators word as if it means anything. Take it all with a large “grain of salt”, including Miss Ann Barnhart’s, this blog’s author (as dependable as he is) and definitely mine (not so dependable).

            It’s hard to find the actual Church Magisterium these days, which is why I value the SSPX and other orthodox Societies and Bishops so much. They give true answers to tough questions with sources and footnotes. I listen to that. All the other stuff, at the end of the day is useful, perhaps, but mostly just entertainment.

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