7 thoughts on “Car wrecks are racist”

  1. So basically what Pete Buttigieg is saying is that black and brown people are stupid and don’t know how to drive properly. Well, I think that’s racist and I fully expect old man Sharpton to call him that. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

  2. What are you supposed to do when the people in charge say things that are completely nonsensical and idiotic. They don’t even try to hide it by saying at least reasonable things, they say the most glaringly stupid things, and right to your face. He’s making an insane statement, it has no basis in reality, at all. Everything these people say and do is through the lens of climate, transgender, and racial lenses, and none of it is worth a dime, it helps nobody but themselves.

    1. I don’t think it’s their humanity speaking, I really believe they’re possessed by demons and it’s the demons speaking. They do it intentionally to mock us humans, God’s creation.

  3. Blacks and certainly Native Americans probably are drunk and driving more often, proportionately, than whites, Thus, there is some truth to what he says. But he will never give you those statistics. He’ll just say the roads in minority neighborhoods are poorly designed. What a weasel.

    1. There’s truth in the fact that people who are poor because of bad decisions they’ve made in life also habitually make bad decisions behind the wheel. Not just the decision to drink and drive, but their overall aggressiveness and total disregard for everyone on the road is apparent to anyone who drives on big city freeways. In bad neighborhoods, you’re always going to find bad drivers.

      Of course, that’s not at all what this little man is trying to say. But it’s the reality.

  4. Unless he is willing to examine underlying causes – REAL underlying causes, not silly unrelated factors such as race – he has nothing to say. Give us statistics on how many of these accidents had other contributing factors such as:
    Time – occurring between 11:00 PM and 4:00 AM
    Influence of alcohol or controlled substances
    Distractions, whether phone or interactions with other passengers
    Aggressive driving
    Ignoring basic principles of defensive driving
    Scoffing at rules of the road – wrong way on a one way, left turn from right lane, weaving, following too closely, speeding, running a light or sign.

    That last one is HUGE in the large diverse city in which I live. In certain diverse areas of town it is imperative that people wait at least five seconds after a red light turns green because there WILL be multiple cars running through the intersection. Drivers speed and weave through traffic, not just on highways but in “pulsed” traffic (streets with serial traffic lights). You don’t even gain a car length by reckless weaving because traffic lights stop you periodically and we all catch up. Am I the only person who sees that?

    In especially diverse parts of town, drivers straddle the lane lines. It’s a common problem. Not sure if this is an aggressive move or a dare or a gang signal, but in the SW side of my town it’s a major problem. Not to mention the utter indifference to the rules of a four way stop. And the rampant jay walking – because walking 20 feet to cross at the light is OPPRESSION.

    DRIVING WITHOUT FOLLOWING RULES IS ALWAYS DANGEROUS. People who think they live above the law make it risky for everyone. Who even notices race when you are in a car? What a lame excuse.

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