Pentagon official floats a theory on “Alien Motherships”… okay?


The official in charge of a secretive Pentagon effort to investigate unexplained aerial incursions has co-authored an academic paper that presents an out-of-this-world theory: Recent objects could actually be alien probes from a mothership sent to study Earth.

In a draft paper dated March 7, Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, and Harvard professor Avi Loeb teamed up to write that the objects, which appear to defy all physics, could be “probes” from an extraterrestrial “parent craft.”

It’s unusual for government officials, especially those involved in the nascent effort to collect intelligence on recent sightings, to discuss the possibility of extraterrestrial life, although top agency officials don’t rule it out when asked.

After Loeb posted it online, the paper gained notoriety from a post on Military Times and has also circulated among science-focused news outlets.

More than half of the five-page paper is devoted to discussing the possibility that the unexplained objects DoD is studying could be the “probes” in the mothership scenario, including most of the page-long introduction. One section is titled: “The Extraterrestrial Possibility” and another “Propulsion Methods.”

Kirkpatrick’s involvement in the academic paper demonstrates that the Pentagon is open to scientific debate of the origins of UFOs, an important signal to send to the academic world, experts said. But they add that his decision to attach his name to a theory considered in most academic circles to be highly unsubstantiated also raises questions about AARO’s credibility.

The paper explains that interstellar objects such as the cigar-shaped “Oumuamua” that scientists spotted flying through the galaxy in 2017 “could potentially be a parent craft that releases many small probes during its close passage to Earth.”

7 thoughts on “Pentagon official floats a theory on “Alien Motherships”… okay?”

  1. I really think a one world religion would require people to think all religions are misunderstandings of what “aliens” taught. According to Catholic theology angels can manifest a body, which is how Raphael appeared like a man to Tobias.

    Have you ever seen an illustration of Lam by Aliester Crowley? Looks like an. “alien”.

  2. The “Administration” might as well be staffed by aliens delivered by that mother ship from another planet … abnormal in every way; something is very wrong.

    The actual explanation for these bizarre squatters occupying the Executive Office, Catholics likely already know – spiritual, not terrestrial.

  3. The only UFOs we’re likely to encounter will be angels with slingshots and fireballs as foreshadowed in the Book of the Apocalypse.

  4. There is a more natural explanation. All these alien sightings are 90% radar anomalies, explained by electric and radio magnetic interference. Visual pilot encounters only describe encountering pure light. All this radiation stuff exists in the sky and in space. A lot of electric universe research explains this phenomenon of chain and ball lightning which has been witnessed even in more ancient times under sightings of otherworldly creatures from dragons to gorgons to angels. Much of this is ignored by the scientific consensus because it conflicts with and debunks officially protected naturalist dogmas; required to keep the Book of Genesis from ever being taken seriously.

    Frankly, one could even consider that rival nations with less animosity for alternative scientific perspectives could develop techniques to screw with radar and other surveillance instruments.

    Only actual encounters of the third kind where contact is established with physical beings with supernatural poltergeist phenomena and trademarks of burned looking bodies and the smell of sulfer and some communication of new agey environmental gospel messages points to the demonic.

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