Katie Hobbs’ press secretary out after inciting murder of conservatives

Josselyn Berry, AZ’s dem Gov’s mouth that roared, gets sacked

Posted by seeingredaz March 30, 2023

Within hours of the horrific murders of three young school children and three adults who worked at a Nashville Christian school, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs’ spokesperson Josselyn Berry, posted an offensive tweet (captured by the AZ Freedom Caucus). Berry noted that the shooter was a transgender female to male and that incited hatred against her/him…making a mockery of the senseless slaughter of innocents.

“The governor does not condone violence in any form,” according to a statement from Hobbs’ office. “This administration holds mutual respect at the forefront of how we engage with one another. The post by the press secretary is not reflective of the values of the administration.”

After blasting Berry without mentioning her name, Hobbs gave her the cover of saying she “resigned,” though it was immediately clear that Berry’s hours were numbered and her future prospects are slim.

News of the provocative tweet spread quickly, in wide-ranging publications, including the UK’s Daily Mail, and Detroit’s Free Press, to the New York Post. Ultimately, Twitter removed the post, with a notice saying that Berry had violated the platform’s rules. Prior to her short-time job with Hobbs, Josselyn Berry was affiliated with the leftist Arizona Advocacy Network, which has recently folded, closing its door in 2022.

We hear Starbucks has been hiring.

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