What the hell are they waiting for?

The USA could be Venezuela very, very soon. US Dollars, near worthless. I can see it coming like a freight train across the Kansas plains. Pray the Rosary and stay close to the sacraments.


Mandatory death jabs seem inconsistent with declaring sodomy a human right. Shouldn’t we get to choose which things to stick in ourselves?

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  1. It might be a blessing in disguise if they do invade. To start with, no more rainbow flags and June pride months.

  2. China knows we’re destroying ourselves from within. They are kicking back until there are people roaming the streets starving. That’s what they’re waiting for. Why waste the time and resources when they can simply wait until we’ve reached full blown societal chaos?

  3. First off, China has already invaded. They occupy our universities, they have established “police stations” all across the US , and they’re killing us all with fentanyl and culturally with Tik Tok. They don’t have to invade with an army.

    For the person who said it would be a blessing if China invaded. That’s absolutely moronic. China is a communist country. It is part of the “errors of Russia”, something so alarming Mary pestered a bunch of children about it for decades. The LGBTQ, etc., is also part of the errors of Russia. China’s tyranny and LGBTQ have the same goal: destroy Christians.

    Do we forget that China pays the Vatican 2 billion dollars a year to stay out of CHina? The fact is China is destroying us by stealth, they don’t need to use their army. They also know that they have to get their troops here, and secondly, they have to fight US citizens, and 400 million plus guns. They don’t want any part of that. Better to do it as they’re doing it.

    If you think Russia is a better country, morally, than the US you miss these facts. Vlad Putin adores communism, has defended it as CHristian, and pines for the days of Stalin. He has openly said this. He keeps Vladimir Lenin on ice, still. Why? He has stolen 200 billion dollars from his own country where the average income is less than Romania (about 9-10,000 dollars a year). He , like Stalin, has allied with the Orthodox Church to a)drive out Catholics and b)Spy on his own citizens. Vlad poisons and jails enemies. He’s not moral

    He IS justified in this Ukrainian war, but a war between Biden, Zelensky, Putin, and Xi is like picking the best demon in a fight among other demons.

    Obama is a communist still running the show. Biden is his demented henchman. LGBTQ , etc is cultural marxism, is an attack on America. It’s all due to Mary’s message at fatima and the Church’s ignoring it.

    1. I’ll make a bet that if the Americans won’t use their guns to confront their own government tyrants, they won’t use them against trained invading soldiers, many of whom would be happy to cut a deal least they be nuked.

      The most likely scenario is that the US breaks apart chaotically. The UN will then be called in to “peace-keep” and Chinese boots on the ground will be the only solution.

      Americans today will want peace and stability, China via the UN will be happy to work something out.

      There will be pockets of hold-outs for certain. But it’ll be a wild west situation or similar to Afghanistan and Africa where there will be safe economic zones under UN and Chinese control, then the rest of America will be carved out between the remnants, and new immigrant arrivals happily continuing to ship in. China can supply them with guns too.

      Russia will overrun Europe, as prophecy dictates. Likely because every Russian citizen will flee and march there en masse, as that’s the only way to avoid nuclear Armageddon, and they’ll count on the fact that the U.S. and NATO won’t be stupid enough to fire upon themselves, so they might as well move in.

  4. Mark, you don’t understand how vast the U.S. dollar system is. The U.S. bond market is by far, the largest market on planet earth. Dollars are everywhere, and right now there is a dollar shortage due to the Fed raising interest rates for the past year. I don’t know what the Chinese and Russians are up to, but trying to replace the dollar isn’t going to happen anytime soon. It isn’t just the dollar. It is the dollar system. When that does happen, I wrote an article about it last September as to what the consequences will be. https://number1onlineblog.com/2022/09/05/why-the-everything-collapse-will-be-far-worse-than-what-michael-burry-believes/

  5. God must love America, and I don’t know why.
    I thought the collapse would have happened 2008 or soon after.
    But, no.
    We’re still here, kinda.
    It’s preternatural why we’re still here as we are.

    1. Linda, what some of the Rad Trads don’t understand, and I include Barnhardt here is that God knows there are Good Christian People here. Rome was founded by Pagans, became Christian. The US was founded by mostly Masons, but had a strong Christian base and still does. The demons in this world want you to believe everything is hopeless, and they project an image of total collapse. But it’s not true.

      Like it or not, the US is still the most Christian country on earth. Not our government, not our schools, ot our mainstream denominations, not even most of the Catholic Church. But our people are Christian. And they’re good. And God knows this.

      1. I’m so glad you wrote this. It’s not only encouraging, it’s true! America still has a solid Christian base and God is preserving us as a people.
        Our country has been consecrated to the BVM on many occasions so I do not give up on America because that’s what the evil ones want us to do.

      2. “Like it or not, the US is still the most Christian country on earth.”

        What is the evidence for that statement? More Christian than the Philippines, Poland, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, etc.? If you look up the percentages of Christians in the “America” of 2023, can you really support that statement?

        We have a house in Alabama, and I would agree that Alabama is one of the most Christian places on earth, but the “America” of 2023? Again, this “America” of 2023 is more Christian than even the Philippines? Really?

        If you are talking about the Christians here as being “more” and “better” Christians than the Christians of any other country, I don’t believe it. When I go to France, for example, I find the Catholics in the churches at Mass just as Catholic as Catholics at Mass in America. You can’t say one group of devout Christians is more Christian than another devout group of Christians.

        It is impossible to say that America is the most Christian place on earth.

        1. 75 to 80 percent of the American people fell for covidism. That is not what I would call the definition of a Christian nation.

          1. Many good Christians all across the world “fell” for Covidism. You’re no better because you didn’t. Satan is good at what he does. Fear is quite the motivator, it’ why Peter denied Jesus. How dare you.

          2. Covidism was obvious from the very beginning. It didn’t take any special knowledge or scholarship. I first posted such on Feb 29, 2020, three weeks before Fauci, Birx, and Trump shut down the country. The “vaccine” entered human trials on the same day the lockdown began, March 16th 2020. They already had the “vaccine” because it was developed alongside the pathogen. No other explanation possible.

          3. No @jmy1975 how dare YOU. It was more than obvious from day one that covidism was a scam, designed to reduce the world’s population. Those of us who take our Catholic Faith seriously saw it for what it was immediately. Those who chose to believe everything from the spread of the covid to every square centimeter of the globe within 48 hours, to the warnings by population control advocates Bill and Melinda Gates, to Anthony Fauci’s inconsistent directives, and last but not least to actually believing that a “vaccine” developed, allegedly tested for safety and efficacy and produced in less than a year was safe are the definition of people who have voluntarily rejected God from their lives and succumbed the world. And that’s exactly what happened to over 75 percent of the American people. The United States of America is NOT a Christian nation and it never has been. Yeah, there are devout Christians here but this is a freemasonic cesspit of a nation and in all of the Church-approved prophecies and apparitions, there is not so much of a hint of the U.S. Pray, fast and accept the fact that Heaven is your true country and focus on getting there. Making excuses for a nation that is probably going to be obliterated by Divine Chastisement isn’t going to get you Home.

          4. @markdocherty, I knew before you did it was a scam. But again, fear is a hell of a motivator. If you are working, have a wife, have kids and simply cannot pay attention 24/7 you will miss things. You just will. One of the things that bothers me about the blogger crowd is literally all you do is look for stuff like this when most of America is desperately trying to survive with responsibilities foreign to you.

            It’s not fair to sit there and say 80% of the country was duped so that means they’re not Christian. How many scams has humanity fallen for? Hmm, seems to me the CHurch itself went through many crisis. That’s why they had to have creeds, councils, etc. Were the people that fell for certain heresies, learned men no less, not Christian?

            The entire public health system in the US was based on trust. FOr years it was the gold standard. People don’t simply have the time that you and Barnhardt do to sit and research. My brother Jon is an accountant, works 80 hour weeks during the spring. Has 5 kids. I educated him about the shots. It took a lot of work. He made the right decision.

            ANd yes they already had the vaccine. Moderna had it or years, they just added a Covid 19 spike protein to it. But again, the world isn’t the one you and AB live in, ok? Most people dont’ get “Traditional” priests to say mass in their homes, for example.

            Satan preys on fear and distraction. Most people got duped, it doesn’t mean they’re not Christian, or even dumber than you are. It means simply they got duped. It happens. Happened to our church leaders, happens to everyone.

            Imagine being Christian and having the “sorry, you’re on your own, you should’ve known better” attitude that you seem to be intimating.

            Fear is primal, it’s irrational, and it works. That’s why many people lined up and got the jab.

          5. I have a family. I have a regular job in the regular world wherein I spend 40-60 hours per week doing regular work. I make time for daily Rosary and daily Mass most days. All of which doesn’t leave much time to search for truth on various scams, but I manage. This blog is what I do in my (very) spare time. I’m just trying to help folks.

          6. @markdocherty says “I have a family. I have a regular job in the regular world wherein I spend 40-60 hours per week doing regular work. I make time for daily Rosary and daily Mass most days. All of which doesn’t leave much time to search for truth on various scams, but I manage. This blog is what I do in my (very) spare time. I’m just trying to help folks.”

            Then what can I say, you’re a bonafide Saint and you’re better than 80% of the country. That’s what your pride just said. Good for you.

            Maybe you can explain to me how shaming people for getting the vax “helps” them? Trads are big on righteousness, big on I told you sos, and actually very light on compassion. It’s not their bag. Which is why as much as I agree with what Trads believe, and want V2 done with, I will not ever officially join that group. Because it’s fake.

            I go to mass, I say the rosary every day. I’ve never had a wife, no family, no career. Every time I tried to succeed in my life, something happened. According to Barnhardt, that probably means I”m not masculine enough. According to you, maybe I’m a loser. You guys have had great secular lives, you’re living blessed religious lives. But guess what? Even a fat loser like me has compassion for people who made that awful mistake.

            I guess you don’t know anyone personally who got injured/died from the vax. If you did, I can’t imagine how you could be so callous.

            ANyway, rest assured you’re on the express lane to heaven. You simply know more than everyone. You work 60 hours a week, run a great blog, and have lie by the short hairs. Good job. But I will say it again: fear is a big motivator. And out of fear smart, smart people, GOOD people, do dumb things.

            So tired of all this fake Catholic crap.

          7. I hope it’s not pride, and I didn’t mean to project that. I was merely trying to convey that it is not easy, not enough hours in the day. Don’t lose hope.

        2. @Joel McNeill , it’s not impossible to say the US is the most Christian nation on earth. I just said it. Again.

          The inalienable rights our country was founded on are Christian in nature. There are per capita more church going Christians here than in your beloved France where, not long ago, the first lady of France suggested putting dildos on top of Notre Dame. You’re just a tourist, apparently. No one goes to Church in the European west. In Germany the priests bless same sex marriage, stage satanic dances, in France the Churches are empty, etc. Islam is taking over Europe. So don’t try and get away with that.

          In the latin American countries the “Catholic” Church is overrun with liberation theology, and Pachamama delusions. And having spent a LOT of time in Mexico I can tell you that it’s culture is not CHristian. It’s not Catholic. It’s desperately left wing and built on victimhood.

          Again, I’ll say it again. The US is a Christian nation. It is currently being attacked by cultural Marxism, and by China/Russia, old school commies. Now it isn’t a Catholic nation, but since the Vatican itself is no longer a Catholic nation, you need to give us some slack.

          I find it ironic you think America isn’t a Christian country, something to lament, but then welcome our new Chinese communist overlords because you *think* not having mincing drag queens will be more tolerable than being welded into your home and thrown in jail for making the sign of the cross.

          You’re not a serious person.

          1. A heretical Christian country, yes. The seeds of its destruction lie in its own masonic constitution.

            I’ll agree it is probably the best of the bad lot, but everything going on now didn’t all magically spring out of nowhere, it uses the creed of Americanism and Liberte as its bedrock.

            Heed St. Lucia’s warnings… America will be Communist. It’s “Christians” voted their way there.

            I’m not saying we can’t be friends with them and have common cause, but we have to admit where the faults lie.

            America cannot be saved until it is Catholic.

            Disaster will not be averted, until Russia is Catholic.

            Russia will not be Catholic without being solely Consecrated to the Mother of God.

            The Consecration will never happen until we have a True Pope with a set of balls to whip the few remaining scraps of hierarchy into a bloody mess if they dare to oppose his command.

          2. There is a vice called “quarrelsomeness” that is opposed to the virtue of “friendliness.”

            You said, “Like it or not, the US is still the most Christian country on earth.” And then you repeat it. When challenged politely, lacking charity you start hurling, in very unchristian fashion, all sorts of insults.

            So prove it. Nowhere above have you proven that statement. Instead, you start arguing all sorts of other things that have nothing to do with that statement.

            Show to us that America has more Christians per capita than the Philippines. Don’t change the premise and switch it to France. Furthermore, prove to us that the Christians in America are more devout than the Christians in the Philippines. Next, check the statistics for Poland.

            Then you can say logically that “America is the most Christian country on earth.”

            You throw out a lot of quarrelsome ad hominem attacks, you bear false witness in several places by misquoting, you constantly change the premise of your arguments, but nowhere have you proven that “America is the most Christian country on earth.”

            Next prove to us that devout Catholics who go to daily Mass in America are more “Christian” somehow than devout Catholics who go to daily Mass in any other country.

      3. Older people who lived in America most of their lives (like me) have absorbed a vague positive Protestant version of “Christianity” even if they are cradle Catholics, even if they are Traditionalists and have worked to grow into a more Catholic spiritual life, and especially if they are in the Novus Ordo. I am not saying this with value attached, good or bad. Flannery O’Connor referred to the “Christ haunted South” when she wrote about a civilization constructed on eleventy dozen contradictory denominations allied only in NOT being Catholic, and in particular the spiritual despair that leads to the grotesque types she wrote about. (By Catholic I mean only Traditional Catholic in 2023, but she died in 1964.)

        You could call the Christian atmosphere in the US Reformation Fallout. It’s the background vague Christianity that leads modern people to fatuous ideas such as “nondenominational Christianity” and idiotic statements such as “I am spiritual but not religious.” Out of it grew the “I’m Saved!” buttons of the 1970’s and the WWJD? bracelets of the early 2000’s. You could call that cluster of feel good sentiment “faith” or even “Christianity,” but only in the popular sense, not the Catholic sense. So in some parts of the country, particularly the rural South (my area), the culture is vaguely Christian. But don’t forget it is an incomplete and heretical mutation of the Faith. The smiling unbloody motherless Jesus. Never forget that disdain for Catholicism is the drive train that moves Protestantism. In that limited and broken sense, the Christ-haunted sense, America is Christian. Or rather “Christian.”

        1. Mainstream protestants may disdain Catholicism, though my grandmother was a Southern Baptist who raised all her kids Catholic because her husband was Catholic, but they all follow the Church calendar, and they all look to Rome whether they admit it or not.

    2. He is allowing time for the Traditional Catholic Church to grow so that there will be a remnant that will go underground and wait for the restoration of the church and civilization.

  6. The yellow dragon invades Alaska and Canada but he comes not far.
    – Catholic seer Alois Irlmaier

  7. Chinese General Chi Haotian gave a speech before the Chinese Communist Party congress around 2002 in which he revealed a plan to launch a biological weapons attack on the U.S. The Chinese had apparently worked out that they would need to kill one hundred million Americans first via biological agents, at which point a land invasion would be successful.

  8. @johno there is nothing in our bill of rights that is heretical. The people of the US are largely protestant Christian and that’s bad, but not intractable. The “masonic roots” are that most of its founders were Mason. Well, we’re not a Masonic country. We just aren’t. It didnt’ take like it did in Europe. So please take the Barnhardt rage and go. Wherever Christ is, there is hope. The US is still, believe it or not, the last great hope on earth. And it’s because its people are Christian. Imperfectly Christian.

    1. The citizens of the US are the most Christian in the world, but the people founded the country intended to use it as the launching pad of the New World Order. Just look at how many strange symbols like hexagrams are in Washington D.C. For very long it’s media has been exported globally, teaching people that liberty means doing whatever you want and a happy society is one with a complete separation of Church and State, in addition to the idea that true happiness and human worth are in material prosperity. Now that the New World Order is almost here, these same forces are willing to sacrifice the US.

    2. Jmy, you’re wrong:

      Amendment I
      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

      Religious liberty, freedom of speech and press are all condemned heresies from Catholic, valid popes post U S. of A founding.

      And FYI, pre-VII Church teaching is that protestants are NOT Christian…..they are heretics. It is religious indifferentism to let them (Prots) remain in their error. EENS…..There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.

        1. I don’t understand Mark. I’ve read numerous times and agree with what’s written in the link you posted. What part of my comment denies this?

          1. Kono, you wrote: “pre-VII Church teaching is that protestants are NOT Christian…..they are heretics. It is religious indifferentism to let them (Prots) remain in their error. EENS…..There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.”
            This sounds like a Feeneyite stance to me. Also, the notion that Prots can be saved is NOT the same thing as religious indifferentism, and this fact was also specifically called out by Pius XII.

          2. Mark, perhaps you’ve forgotten, I have a dead, unbaptized son whom I pray daily to God and the BVM that he was given the grace of conversion before his death. I also know perfect contrition, perfect charity is only through God’s grace and can be obtained through prayer and especially through the intercession of Mary.

            If protestants stand a decent chance of obtaining the Beatific vision, I doubt St. Francis de Sales would have risked his life trying to convert the Calvinists.

      1. Kono, Jesus didn’t force Himself on anyone. That’s the spirit of the 1st. Secondly, there’s a big difference between a Protestant who loves Jesus and the communist who wants you to die. What I said is true: the US is the most Christian country on earth, even if imperfectly. It’s sad that that’s the case.

        P.s. as you know my opinion is that sedes are no different than prots. And that’s not going to change. Good luck.

        1. Well praise God. I’m a sede protestant who loves Jesus living in the most Christian nation on earth. No need to wish me luck.

    3. The Bill of Rights is a very nice TOLERANT doctrine of truce by heretics and schismatics to accomodate each other, because they couldn’t get along with each other back in Europe. It was nice while it lasted. American Christianity is laced with leaven. America comes first. Truth second. And truth and consistency must be discarded for unity of the State. The institution of Government uber alles. It’s fruits are ripening today as predicted. They shamelessly try to leverage Christinity and Christian pity, mercy, love and social contracts in twisted forms to push vice and murder.

      I’m not arguing that imperfect Christians aren’t around. Or that they are totally useless. But the fact is the majority of them all expect to be magically raptured out before the real SHTF.

      I don’t know what role America has in the future, but the Mother of God placed her Queen piece on Russia. If America wants to survive, then it must acknowledge this. So far it is behaving like Saul, now that the crown may be passing to David.

      America is MORE than just some country or empire. It claims to be the eternal city, whose light was to convert all nations to its gospel of secular order. Discarding all crowns and especially the Papal tiara for the Leviathan of the people.

      These Christians had better progress back into the Church if they want to survive. Their man made institutions will betray them.

      1. Find me a country where the country doesn’t come first. Even the Vatican cares more about the Vatican than The Truth.

        The fact is, the US is not the harbinger of the apocalypse, it is not uniquely evil. If you know Fatima you know that Russia is where all this evil came from. The “Errors of Russia” have touched every country on earth, even the Vatican. And that is no one’s fault but the Church’s fault.

        Imagine where we’d be if the Church had consecrated Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart in 1960?

        America never claimed to be an eternal secular light. Some presidents have said that. Reagan, for exmaple.
        But there is not one country on earth that, given power like the US, would act any different. And actually, given the power it had, the US up until 30 years ago, mostly acted in service of good (opposing communism is something Mary certainly supports).

        All the Trad Cath America haters are going to get a very rude awakening as the Chinese hegemon rises. You haven’t seen real evil. You’re about to.

        1. The US Capitol has a dome ceiling with a painting ‘ The Apotheosis of George Washington.’ I suggest you examine it. America was ABSOLUTELY conceived with Messianic intent.

          Americanism is a condemned heresy, a nation founded on several things contained in the Syllabus of Errors. This is why America was vulnerable to the errors of Communism. NOT because its founders intended that. But because their modernist liberal errors were always ticking time bombs in the long term. America exported her errors, and those errors are fertile soil for communist errors. Both separate branches from the same erroneous fruit.

          It is not that we don’t fear China. It is that as America further solidifies its transformation into Communism, the difference will be moot. But at least the Chinese authoritarians will not throw anyone in the gulags for denying transgenderism.

          China locks up dissidents against the party, and with the Jan 6th Reischtag, so does America. There may be some hope left that America is currently “better”, but we’ve been hearing that song and dance for years. America is gradually getting worse, and will in my estimation outdo China, because AMERICANS HATE THEIR OWN. Chinese Christians endure active persecution from the State, but are not hated by other Chinese. American Christians have both the State AND the other half of the population to contend with. Much the same with racial tebsions that China doesn’t have.

          As for China, the population crisis alone will neuter it long term, such that it can never project too much force. Anything it does will therefore have American accomplices themselves doing their bidding. And you bet it’ll come clothed in stars and stripes. China can buy the Vatican as prophecy saw the flag of Communism raised over the dome of St. Peter’s, and it’ll buy the US government as well. And half of America will let it, justifying itself, not with the founding fathers’ vision, but with their foundational errors taken to their logical outcome.

          1. The Chinese will throw everyone into the gulag who doesn’t bow to the state. So I’m not really sure why you think it’s an upgrade. This is the idiocy Catholics who live in America engage in: America is an awful, Satanic place, and Chinese rule would be better because you can oppose transgenderism there. Not realizing you can’t be Catholic at all in China. I mean, it really is spectacularly stupid.

            We will be sharing the prison cells with everyone- drag queens included.

            As far as the hard on Catholic trads have in hating the US, in claiming it’s forever on the wrong road, the fact is, as I’ve labored to show, we are NOT a Masonic country. We never have been. It doesn’t matter what the founders may have wanted. It doesn’t matter if most of them were Masons. This country worked because of the millions of Christians in it. And the government’s structure is not in any way “Masonic”.

            Freemasonry and communism are on the same Satanic spectrum. Hating Masonry while welcoming our communist overlords is borderline retarded. At least very myopic. However, at no time did Mary appear to poor children and warn them about the Errors of America, or the Errors of Masonry. She beat the drum for 43 years about communism.

            And the Church did nothing.

            So yes, have your wet dreams about a democratic Catholic Monarchy, hate the country that allowed you to freely engage in your religion, a country that allowed you to thrive, but know that none of this happens when China takes over. You will yearn for the days, right now, when you still had the opportunity to go to mass.

            Good luck.

    4. Agreed. Many good things were done in this country by members of the freemasons, though in spite of freemasonry. Both Sam Houston and Santa Ana were freemasons. Stonewall Jackson, a strong Christian and a virtuous man, was a freemason.

      Here’s a kicker for you: the freemasons don’t allow sodomites in their membership.

      1. I’m not praising freemasons. Not one bit. The government these men created is not Masonic, though. And most of the country then, as now, was full of protestant Christians. We are imperfectly Christian, but Christian.

        Don’t get me wrong, I never ever said “many good things were done” by Masons. Masons are Satanic. So are Communists.

  9. Jmy1975 makes a good point re: not judging others by ourselves.
    When, for example, Ann Barnhardt urges us all to say all three mysteries of the Rosary everyday, because she
    can do it, some people will feel guilty because they can’t and some (homeschooling moms who even have time to read blogs) will smile, say “Sure, Jan” and go on about their business.

    The real failure is not being the saintly you- not the saintly somebody else.
    Everything that is not a precept of the Church comes with an “according to your state in life”
    But it’s not an excuse to be lax.

    1. Look, most Saints gave up everything else and focused solely on Him. Sick people in convents, monks, etc. Barnhardt gave up her brokerage (that’s the story) and became a full time pundit/blogger relying on donations. Ok, she can do that. Her enormous Catholic intellectual output is a result of her vocation, which does not include any family, any children, etc. She has tons of time to ponder, research, etc. It’s just how it is.

      Now, for most people they dedicate their lives to Jesus by raising a family. And not all of us can be really great at it. Some brag that they work a lot, have lots of kids, go to mass daily, etc., and get 5 hours of sleep. I’ll say that’s the exception that proves therule. But it’s not something you should judge. Every person is different. If you have a family, can barely keep your head above water financially, work 12 hours of hard labor a day, you’re just not going to be on the Barnhardt/Super Trad level. You just won’t.

      My bugaboo with Trads is that they’re great on judgment, light on compassion. Is there always something more we can do? Yes! Including the super trads. My point is that if you screwed up and got the Covid 19 vax, you’re not a bad person, you’re not a bad Christian. Heck, Barnhardt just honored a guy on her own blog who admittedly got the vax and died from it. She didn’t shame him.

      We are going through the greatest demonic oppression in world history, and I’d shiver as a super trad if I thought I had it all figured out.

      1. Getting the mark of the beast will condemn you to hell. They will use fear to push that, and if God has decided that it will mean that the person who gets it is bad. I think it’s still coming because the vaccine is not such a clear decision between God’s way or the highway.

        1. The vaccine is not the mark of the beast. It’s a bio-weapon , a poison, and comes from hell. The way they’re going to track you is the mark.

          No one who took the vaccine swears an oath against God. No one who took the vaccine pledges allegaince to Satan. As I said most who took the vaccine are ignorant and scared. If you got vaxxed you can still be a good Christian, and it’s profoundly stupid to say otherwise.

          1. I don’t know. Most people called me mentally ill and left me out of their social circle for warning them and pointing out that the same people supposedly saving their lives have already made it abundantly clear they want to lower the world population.

            Not one of these fearful people bothered to apologize or even acknowledge that they were wrong or put me back in their social circle. Not even now, when it has become clear the pandemic was a scam. I don’t think they are all innocent victims, the same way I don’t think all Nazi Germans were innocently deceived by Nazi leaders. Some called for concentration camps, and behaved like deatheaters because their general perception was that society was on their side. It is not the mark, but a preview of the mark, and then nobody can claim that fear made them reprobates.

          2. And by this I mean I’ll forgive them, I will pray for them, but I will not say there is nothing sinful here, for not even admitting you were wrong and just severing ties instead is prideful, is it not?

            Maybe I’m still smarting too. I was going to have a normal future, but it looks like I won’t until the apocalypse is complete, and this might mean waiting a long time, maybe even 2030 until the halfway point, I don’t know the future.

          3. T, anecdotally what you say means little. I can say , anecdotally I know many people who got jabbed and then realized the screw up and live in guilt and fear. 80% of America is a lot of people. And by the way: you should feel sorry for the people who don’t get it, not act like they deserve their fate.

            NO ONE is going to have a “normal future”, kid, vaxxed or unvaxxed. It’s over. Better get used to it. And instead of getting mad at people who took the vax, most of them ignorantly, you might want to be mad at, chiefly, Jorge Bergoglio, antipope, who ushered in this evil with his Pachamama consecration, and Donald Trump who had a chance to keep the gates of hell locked, but instead showed us all he’s a narcissitic coward and approved these vaxxes. And then everything else came tumbling out.

            Gotta get over regret over your future. Since this happened my life has been destroyed. My obsessive-compulsive disorder came back, my dad got cancer, and I will never work again most likely. Imagine being a child whose parents wanted you to get vaxxed and you die suddenly. This is happening everywhere.

            We’re on a day-to-day, minute-by-minute quest for survival here. If you want to blame people, blame Bergoglio, Trump, who unleashed all this, and then the standing army of evil that is Bill Gates , Fauci, Schwab, and the gang. All should be drug out and shot.

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