Watch them laugh and laugh at you as they destroy millions of families and livelihoods

For how many untreated diseases, depression, and suicides are they responsible?

6 thoughts on “Watch them laugh and laugh at you as they destroy millions of families and livelihoods”

  1. Unless we can blow up every television and computer screen it doesn’t look like they’ll get what’s due to them.

  2. Fun fact: Donald Trump had the authority to fire those 2 psychopaths. But, he did not.

    Cue the Trump lovers saying “he was lied to”, etc. Even Trump isn’t saying that. But go on, support Trump. He poisoned the country, led people to jail on 1/6, and sells cartoons of himself for 100 bucks each. He is a joke.

    1. So sometimes when someone gets on my mind, it usually isn’t good. I get premonitions, or something, from beyond. The other day I was thinking about a guy I went to high school with. So I had to see what he was up to. He “died suddenly” at the age of 48.

      Actor Lance Riddick was tweeting just the other day. Today he “died suddenly” at age 60.

      And this is happening thousands of times every day.

      2023 is the year your mind will either break down into insanity or barely get by. But it’s going to be really, really bad.

      1. jmy1975, I am 53 years young. I am from a relatively small city that still has a local newspaper and that local newspaper publishes full-length obituaries – like who all the extended relatives are, what they enjoyed doing, where they worked, went to school and more. I don’t live there anymore but look at the local paper online every day. Seven people that I went to school, with so pretty much my age give or take a couple years, have “died unexpectedly” within the past 12 months. Seven. And those are just the ones that I know of. None of those people were obese and the dead ringer (no pun intended) is that in all of their obituaries, there was no cause of death mentioned and no memorial requests which usually indicates how someone died.

        Those are just seven the people I was in school with but literally every week, someone between the age of 20 and 60 in my hometown “dies suddenly.”

        If we were a sane nation, and no, we’re not and I don’t think we ever were at least not in my lifetime, there would be a massive military tribunal going on right now with all television channels required to air it and livestreamed on the web for the whole world to see. Upon conviction, Fauci, Birks, Trump, Bill and Melinda Gates, and dozens if not hundreds in the federal government, academia, pharma, media and philanthropy should be given 15 minutes with a priest and then straight to the gallows or firing squad – all broadcast/livestreamed for the whole world to see. Military tribunal – no appeals allowed by shyster lawyers.

        1. I’m 47, from the same situation as you. And I’ve seen the exact same issues with people I know. There are more obituaries in the paper. Our local ambulance/EMT service said they made record runs in 2022, and 2021 was the previous record.

          One of the main problems when the USSR fell was that we didn’t have military tribunals. Communists weren’t punished. THat’s one reason why communism and its mutant offspring globalism is a thing. We need justice, you’re right. We need the whole thing: hearings, verdicts, executions.

          Fauci, Birx, Baric, Obama (he allowed restarting gain of function), Trump, Biden, Bill Gates, etc.

  3. Her giant smiles are out of place, for sure. Likely enjoying the “rush” of power & importance.

    He – well at this point I don’t assume he has any human emotions to speak of. (He could still. But I don’t assume it, nor care to know.)

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