6 thoughts on “Three years ago today, Mike Pence was trotted out to explain your captivity to you”

  1. Pence is awful. But all of this was Trump’s call. All of it. He gave Pence the authority. He never fired Fauci. He went along. And as usual he was a coward and then, looking for a political way out, decided wth I’ll poison the entire country.

  2. That vulture rat snake, I had forgot about him.
    Wifey really runs the Pence show and Mikey jumps when the bell rings.

  3. The most shameful people in all of this were the American people who fell for it.

    It was blatantly obvious from day one that something nefarious was going on. A killer virus somehow spread to every single square inch of every single country in the world within 48 hours. Bull $#&%. 15 days became 30, 30 became 60, etc. Bull $#%@.

    Overnight, our media outed itself as being every bit as state-controlled as Pravda was during the days of the Soviet Union (Pravda had better actors though). Bill and Melinda Gates, experts in nothing except vaccines that kill and permanently maim children in the Third World were given front-and-center stage? Anthony Fauci was labeled by the state-controlled media a a hero? Overwhelmed hospitals had TikTok videos of bored nurses having dance parties on the roof? Everything from the common cold, to the flu, heart attacks, and even people falling off ladders got CPT codes as COVID-19 without review? And sure enough, a so-called “vaccine” is miraculously developed, tested for safety and efficacy, produced and distributed in less than a year? Bull $#%&. And 75 to 80 percent of the American people fell for it all and injected themselves with what will at some point probably kill them – all according to plan.

    It’s what happens when a population turns away from God. Without God in your life, your intelligence level really comes down, big time!

    1. Good summary of what happened. The scariest part was watching everyone I knew lose their minds. But the most painful part was having them turn on me when I told them it was a psyop, a power grab, and dangerous nonsense.

      The only positive thing is that it has become so easy to spot deluded or low intelligence people even in a crowd. They are the ones wearing masks. Of course criminals loved the masking, too, and will never let it go.

      1. Gneisslady, you are not alone. For awhile, I had a lot less friends that I did before 2020 but, just when things started to get depressing… The Divine Providence led me to new, traditional Catholic people who, in two short years, have become much better friends than those I had to sadly part with.

    2. The minute they announced lockdowns it gave away their game. If they were experts, they would have factored in the consequences of being wrong. But apparently they didn’t. They are either incompetent or evil. Even now they are not in prison for what they did. I learned about the NWO after 2008, but after a long times I dismissed it as.conspiracy theory. They need an economic collapse to usher in digital currency. They need a world war to usher in the antichrist.

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