I approve this message in its entirety

5 thoughts on “I approve this message in its entirety”

  1. The US has been at war from within since before World War 2. The communists/globalists have full control of the government now. It was always a problem, but Obama started seeding the revolutionaries, Trump was the speed bomb, the 2020 election was rigged, and we have Biden the good and demented footsoldier in control.

    Keep in mind we didn’t start seeing anything about gay marriage, gay commercials, gay normalization until the Obama administration. And I’m sure Obama/commies/globalists got Bergoglio installed too.

    The US citizenry is discarded, at a loss. Most of us are not like this. But it doesn’t matter.

  2. Rather than add my personal commentary, I’ll instead share a few lyrics from one of hits from the Saturday Night Fever movie:

    “Burn baby burn. Disco inferno.
    Burn baby burn. Burn that mother down.
    Burn baby burn. Disco inferno, yeah.
    Burn baby burn. Burn that mother down.”

  3. Consider something else. Ukraine has been a puppet of the USA for 8 years. The US came in and kicked out the democratically elected president and replaced him. Ukraine has not been soverign for 8 years. 1/3 of the country has emigrated. The fact is, it’s not surprising that those left in Ukraine would be pro-globalism/USA. They’re the true believers.

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