14 thoughts on “Jane Fonda advocates murder for pro-lifers…”

  1. This is why when she recently apologized, again, for her actions during the Vietnam War, I rejected it. She has never changed, won’t change. She went on the wrong path, decades ago and hasn’t learned anything.

  2. These Satanic, elitist women think they’re going to live forever and that they have all the answers. Look at what Jane and Lily have done to their faces. They will live forever but it will be in hell. Willful murder is one of the sins that cry out to heaven for justice. By condoning and encouraging it, they have made themselves guilty of it.

    1. “They will live forever but it will be in hell.”

      Here’s a thought. Perhaps you could remember to pray for them when you’re praying for the antipope?

      1. I do, I pray for all those who are in need of my prayers and have no one else to pray for them. I also pray for myself because I could easily fall into hell due to my pride. I am sorry for my snarky correction earlier and ask for forgiveness.

        1. You have nothing to apologize for. Hanoi Jane and Lily the Lezzie WILL LIVE FOREVER IN HELL if they don’t come to their senses before their last day, admit their heinous errors in supporting this evil, and pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness. Their words over the years have indeed encouraged women on the fence to have abortions. So, it’s not just their personal and public views on the sin of murder, it’s their direct responsibility in persuading others to choose this path of death and destruction.

        2. Thank you Cynthia. I too apologize for my retaliation snark. I would do well to remember that we’re all just trying to figure things out the best we can these evil days. Apology appreciated and accepted. And please forgive me too.

          1. Certainly, and May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His Holy Face to shine upon you.

  3. I’m intrigued Mark- why do we conservatives (and by we I mean pundits like yourself up to Fox) feel compelled to give voice to withering, dying and feeble minded enemies?

    Quoting libtards like Fonda only serves to give their side credibility. Make their side seem more numerous with believers in this garbage than polls ultimately show they have.

    CNN is my favorite barometer. A network on its deathbed. Yet cited CONSTANTLY by nationally syndicated writers like Ann Coulter and Victor Hanson.

    In return these midgets in the left ignore us. Our positions are not reamplified. Our words go into black hole.

    Why the post today ? A forgotten twit mouthpiece for wicked and evil now promoted on March 11, 2023 to start a new cycle of relevance for her and her kind.

    1. If we ignore evil, it wins. Joe Biden is a withering, dying, feeble-minded enemy, and he has started WW3 and ruined the country. People dismissed him as incompetent and ignored him, and he gets way with the destruction of the west.

      You think these old, evil people are irrelevant. They’re part of Satan’s army. And part of the way they win is by people like you thinking they should be ignored.

      By the way, Jane Fonda shaped the minds of two generations of women. Women who turned the abortion industry into what it is. Women who ruined their families, cheated on their husbands, ruined the minds of girls. Without “irrelevant” harpies like Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, there would be no Madonna, and then there would be no Cardi B.

      The modern woman, the destruction of the family, the rise of abortion, is all because of these withering, dying, nd feeble minded enemies. I don’t see how they’re irrelevant.

  4. Don’t dismiss that dried-up, hideous, nasty, old prune — unlike Biden, Hanoi Jane knows exactly what she’s doing. This type of audacious language is exactly how the bloodbath that was the French Revolution started in the 18th Century. Don’t be surprised at all to see this type of rhetoric repeated by younger, more (social) media savvy “progressive” politicians and celebrities, then make its way into the mainstream.

    An American public stupid enough to fall for covidism and then immediately transition into supporting the fake-nation of Ukraine is totally stupid enough to believe pro-lifers should be executed in the public square.

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