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  1. What’s so infuriating are all the so-called smart people in the medical and science industry who knew good and damn well that legitimate vaccines are not developed, tested and brought to market in six months. What’s equally infuriating are all the freedom-loving muricans who didn’t have the intelligence to notice what was obvious, poorly scripted and poorly acted, state-run propaganda that made the North Koreans look like Academy award winners.

  2. A common theme to most of these is “I had 2, 3, 4, 5+ shots”.

    I’ll say it again: Nobody who had just 1 shot, and didn’t die of it already, will die of it. Be reassured.

    What puzzles me is Trump’s role in all this. Here’s my latest guess. (May yet be changed.)

    1. WEF / Davos / CCP / Gates release covid, thinking it even deadlier than it was, and planning a 10-year cycle of shots & lockdowns.

    2. Trump says “This is baloney. HCQ & iver cure 80% of it.”

    3. WEF / Davos / Gates / media savage Trump for talking about HCQ & iver. Put a stop (almost) to HCQ & iver. Win for them.

    4. But Trump knows they’re planning the shots.

    5. Trump says “I’m going to ram the shots down their throats. Federalize it – Operation Warp Speed. Get it out there early, yet still with a little more oversight than they were counting on.”

    6. Thus… shots have *some* initial benefit & not as much toxicity as WEF / Davos / Gates wanted.

    7. Thus… Lockdowns ended “early” – 10-year cycle aborted. We hope.

      1. Cynthia, my first real comment here on Trump – other than “he’s neither katechon nor super-criminal” – so you would have me confused with someone else??

        1. No, I’m not confused, just saying that many people have been taken in by the cult of personality embodied by Trump.

    1. I trust Dolores Cahill, an Irish immunologist who knows mRNA better than anyone, who said you’ll die from one shot, than Jeff’s reassurances.

      Jeff, you’re scared. We get it. Just don’t get any more boosters.

        1. Jeff, excuse me? I didn’t get the jab. I’m not projecting anything. I’m merely trying to figure out your strange and meritless confidence in yourself re: these jabs. Maybe you’re afraid of the magnitude of what’s happening, maybe you’re afraid for others. But your posts are desperate-sounding. Forgive me if I’m wrong on that, and I’ll forgive you for being wrong on everything else.

          1. “projection – noun – The act of projecting or the condition of being projected.”

            When you invent stuff about the person you’re talking to, jmy1975, – such as here, your hallucinating that I must have had mRNA jabs – You’re projecting your own image or hallucination on the metaphorical wall, like a movie that you alone are watching.

            “Forgive me if I’m wrong on that” – And you are. Hope this helps.

  3. My friend Brent who is dying with dementia due to the shot, told me in the fall of 2021 that a)He thought he was sick because of the vax but that b)If his doctor said so he’d get a booster. I just stared at him.

    The world has been hypnotized/brainwashed.

    1. Yes – all sorts of people do say ridiculous things, trying to scare others. One needs to filter all of it.

      1. I’m confused. Are you saying my friend Brent was trying to scare me? That he got dementia naturally, out of the blue? Or are you saying I’m saying ridiculous things and “trying to scare” people? You’re saying I’m lying?

        That’s not very Catholic of you. That’s not very charitable.

        If you’re going to accuse me of lying, you’d better have something more to back it up than simply being a guy named Jeff who disagrees.

  4. But is anyone oddly sick who hasn’t got the shot? (Aside from me? I had a bad case of COVID in fall of 2021 whilst pregnant…but wouldn’t touch the shot with a ten foot pole. Just have been sickly since then when once upon a time I was ill every ten years or so. 34-year-old used to be healthy female)

    1. Covid infection can sometimes flood a person with the toxic “spike protein” as the shot would have. Which is part of how people get into their “long covid” syndromes. All I could say is: get the right doctor, read up on what FLCCC says, etc.

      1. You don’t get “long covid”. You don’t get the “spike protein” separate from the virus – unless you get the jab. If you got Covid and are sickly, it might be a complication, but it’s not “long covid”.

          1. Yes, but the virus itself acts as a normal respiratory virus, and is relatively harmless. Like the flu. THe panic created by it made most people clamor for the “solution” which will kill you.

        1. Mark – could be – or I don’t rule it out.

          jmy1975 – “You don’t get the “spike protein” separate from the virus – unless you get the jab”. – Exactly. So we agree. You can get the spike in one of 2 ways. From natural infection. Or from the jabs. With both, the fact that they give you spike is what’s bad about them. Either way, in some unlucky people, spike can set off autoimmune & other syndromes that doctors group loosely as “long covid”. Hope this helps.

          1. Jeff,

            Ok. When you get infected with Covi naturally, you get one of several spike proteins. And once your body neutralizes it, kills it, that’s it. When you get Covid 19 in the environment the virus (with the spike proteins) are in your lungs, sinuses, etc.

            When you get the shot, this evil little thing makes every cell in your body produce the most dangerous part of the virus, the spike protein. Carried through the lymphnodes and then into your bloodstream, all your organs are exposed to the Covid 19 spike protein. And guess what? Your cells keep making it. Endlessly.

            This is why in the past, and why Fauci just admitted, respiratory vaccines are worthless. When you get a respiratory virus, it exists in your throat, lungs, sinus, etc. When you get a respiratory vaccine, it goes all over your body, and your body responses with an auto-immune attack. That will kill you.

            Now imagine all the cells in your body producing the nastiest part of the Covid 19 virus. You’ll get an auto-immune attack forever, since your body’s cells won’t stop expressing the spike.

            There is no such thing as “long covid”. Not if you simply had the virus. You may have fatigue from fighting the virus, side effects, etc. But you do not have spike proteins causing problems in your body if you had Covid naturally.

            If you have Covid naturally you don’t have spike proteins floating all around your body. You have the virus in your respiratory structure. You cannot get “long covid” from this. You WILL get “long covid” if you get the vax because that’s what the vax is designed to do: endlessly produce the spike protein to provoke the immune response, but in the body so you will die from it.

            Yes, even after one jab.

          2. jmy1975 – I could have written your comment explaining spike, word for word. You’re preaching from my hymnal. Thanks.

          3. P.S. Except that some unlucky people do get spike floating around their body from natural covid infection. Not everybody. Not a majority. Not routinely. But “some”.

            And “long covid” is real *IN THAT* it is a term in common use. Is it a bad term? A sloppy term? Yes. As I already said above, it’s a loose grouping of several distinct syndromes that can happen after you’ve had too much spike (whether from vaxx or natural infection). But it’s a term that people use. A bad term. A sloppy term. Just a term. OK? Relax.

          4. Jeff, you cannot get a floating Covid 19 spike in your body from natural infection. It’s impossible. You either have the virus naturally, in your lungs, sinuses, throat, or you have a spike protein in your body artificially manufactured by your cells from the “vaccine”.

    2. Same here. Enjoyed good health for 60 years till COVID. I understand as we get older….but something is not right, and I’ve never even had a flu shot let alone the poison. Maybe it’s has something to do with the nasty swab testing? I had a couple of surgeries so have been tested 4-5 times. Idk

      1. Well, I don’t want to offend Jeffie, but if you got a nasal swab there’s a good chance you got mRNA through the swabs which aren’t done anymore. Angel Eisenman was a model, public speaker, got a nasal swab, has permanent health issues including Bell’s Palsy, seizures, etc.

        Anyway, good luck.

  5. You will get sick from being near vaxxed people…the vaxxed will eventually infect us all. Yes, swab testing will infect you.

    1. Pfizer has admitted people with the vax shed. And how could they not? If all your cells eventually harbor this mRNA strand, you’ll be exposed.

  6. These evil people are not done. They are already arming the WHO for the next pandemic. I don’t know if it will be lethal or not, but it will probably justify needing an untamperable digital id to buy, sell or travel. The vaccine passport will somehow be connected to digital ID, which will be stamped on or put in a microchip in a person. Just in time for CBDCs.

  7. I can’t comment on what physical effects the jab has in people because I am not in the medical industry. Still, it’s odd that people are so blind to the effects of the jab. Sure, it is easy to fall into the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy…but everyone I know who had the jab has had deleterious aftereffects. Coincidence?
    Liberal co-workers who bragged about getting boosted and reboosted missed work with MULTIPLE cases of “Covid” or flu or other illnesses.
    My mother freaked out and had one of the first rounds of the shot back when it initially was released. Within a couple of months she lost down to 85 pounds, became double incontinent, and is now so demented she is in my full time care. This was a woman who lived ALONE on a small farm and grew her own vegetables, up to 2021.
    My husband was strong armed in to getting the jab. He seemed OK…but just the other day he remarked that he is down to ZERO sick leave. One thing after another with his health. Flu, second round of Covid, shortness of breath, one thing after another.
    My in-laws ostracized me when I told them I would quit before getting the shot. They are nice to me again, but the decline they have experienced is noticeable. To me. Everyone else seems to be in deep denial.
    I realize that I myself having had Covid and being married to a vax victim may have taken on spike proteins, so I follow the FLCCC Protocols, hoping for the best. It’s terrifying.

    1. One might say that this is a great delusion that people fell for, believing lies because they didn’t love the truth. But if the antichrist shows up, there may be an even bigger delusion, where people apostasize from the faith to accept a false one world religion.

      People are acting like zombies, which honestly makes me think the mRNA affects your brain chemistry. This is year 3 of a publicly verifiable scam and people don’t have the courage to acknowledge evidence that shows this world is run by a satanic cult. And if Satan exists, so does God.

      1. Dr. Bhakdi from Germany says the vax lowers IQ and creates passivity by destorying the frontal lobe of the brain. Remember since this vaccine goes through your blood it goes everywhere. Even with just one dose.

        1. Do you have a link to a video of him saying that? I pray God will protect every scientist and health care professional who stuck their neck out to warn us all. Seven of my relatives have died since May of 2021. Two more now have cancer, and there has been one heart attack and one stroke recently. I warned a friend who will now longer speak to me about vaccinating her daughter. The poor 16 year old girl stopped menstruating for nine months.

          1. I work with a woman whose 15 year old daughter has stopped menstruating also. She thinks it’s because her daughter has an eating disorder, but her daughter’s weight is normal. My fear is that it’s been the jab all along. I can’t tell her though. Nobody believes or listens..still.

    2. RSV is a virus most of us get in school when we are young. It’s a weak cold. It is one of the first viruses that help build up our immunity. People who got the C19 shot are coming down with this virus again because their immune systems have been shattered. And it’s putting them out of commission for a long time.

      My uncle and aunt have been nothing but sick since they got the jabs. Her mother died a week after getting the shot in 2021, but since she was 91 and already sick they didn’t seem to care (she couldn’t stop bleeding).

      The farmer we get our hay from had RSV in early December. We’ve not seen him in person since.

      My uncle Ron got the jab, got aggressive skin cancer.

      Vaxxed friend I worked with, never smoked, developed stage IV lung cancer out of the blue, dead in a month.

      Guy I went to high school with “died unexpectedly” last October. He worked in a hospital, had to be vaxxed. My age.

      My aunt is vaxxed, got a cold that devastated her and has aged 5-10 years since she got triple vaxxed (not heeding my warnings).

      My niece is 32, I begged her not to get vaxxed. She “knew the science” and got 3 of them. She lives far away from me, but her personality has changed 180 degrees.

      My brother new a guy who got brain cancer out of the blue. He’s vaxxed. Brain cancer is a big one- there’s been an explosion in brain cancer since the mRNA jabs came out.

      It’s impossible to overstate how evil this shot is. It’s impossible to overstate how demonically oppressed the world is now. Notice how nothing has made sense for 3 years? How not only are people zombie-like getting vaxxed, we are zombie-like embracing drag queens, Satanism on tv, and World War 3. No one cares anymore.

      I believe Ann Barnhardt, that “Pope” Frank’s consecration fo Pachamama opened the floodgates to this. I don’t know how this will end, when it will end, or even if it will end. I believe that not only are people in trouble if they got the jab, people who didn’t get the jab are in trouble. Mentally, physically. This demonic oppression is going after everyone.

    1. In Ohio, where I’m at, anyone who goes to jail, for anything, has to get jabbed. So if I had to spend the night in jail for, say, protesting an abortion clinic, I’d be forced to get the jab.

      And the WHO and US are already talking about replacing all your traditional vaccines that you get when you’re a kid with the mRNA versions.

      Someone said that these ghouls want the earth’s population to be 500 million by 2030. I don’t think that’s possible. But I don know that if half the world got the mRNA jab and 80% of them were legitimate jabs, that’s 3 billion or so dead people in 2-5 years.

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