Handy calculator: Here’s how much the “aid” to Ukraine is costing YOU

This is before the additional $2B announced today…

How Much is U.S. Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

By David Henderson

In total, CBO estimated that $6.6 billion of the $113 billion would be spent in FY 2022 and another $37.7 billion in FY 2023. Furthermore, CBO estimated more than half of the approved funds would be spent by the end of FY 2024 and more than three-fourths by the end of FY 2026.

How much will that cost the average household? There are approximately 131.2 million households in the United States. So the average cost per household is $113 billion divided by 131.2 million, which is $861.

Of course, averages are often under-informative. That’s true of this one. In 2018, according to the Brookings Institute, high-income households, those in the top 20% of the income distribution, paid about 68 percent of all the tax revenue that the federal government collected. To be in the top quintile that year, you needed to have an income of $153,301 or more.

Assume for simplicity that these numbers, adjusted for inflation, are about the same today. Also, I’ll assume, even though I know it’s false, that this $113 billion will be paid entirely out of taxes rather than new debt. It’s not as bad an assumption as it looks. To the extent it’s paid out of new debt and to the extent future taxes pay off that debt, based on a progressive tax structure such as the one we have now, it would be a pretty good assumption.

So the top quintile would pay 68% of $113 billion, which is $76.8 billion. There are approximately 26 million households in the top quintile. So the cost per top-quintile household is $76.8 billion divided by 26 million, which is $2,956.

That’s a lot to fight someone else’s war…

More: https://www.econlib.org/how-much-is-u-s-aid-to-ukraine-costing-you/

3 thoughts on “Handy calculator: Here’s how much the “aid” to Ukraine is costing YOU”

  1. I wonder what the heck is so important in Ukraine that they’re willing to spend billions of dollars (and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian lives) keeping this war going…?

    If the police raid your fake business that you’re laundering money though, you just pack up, and start a new fake business somewhere else to continue your laundering once the heat dies down.

    You don’t get into a gun fight with the cops, and you don’t keep handing your hired goons working there more and more ammo to keep the fight going.

    What they’re doing in Ukraine is completely irrational.

    I have a gut feeling there is something big in Ukraine they want to keep secret.

    And they’re willing to have Nuclear Armageddon to keep whatever it is a secret.

  2. This Lent, I am offering the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary for Russia, President Putin and the Russian military. May Our Lady of Vladimir wrap her mantle of protection over them and lead them to a complete and total victory over the forces of evil.

  3. *Pssst* Here is a little secret:

    All those billions of dollars “for Ukraine”, are not really going to Ukraine!

    They are being spent “on behalf of Ukraine”… guess to who and where that is! It is to select people in a country much closer than you think!

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