Study finds ‘unexpected’ correlation between number of COVID shots and risk of infection


(as predicted in this space for nearly three years -nvp)

CLEVELAND (LifeSiteNews) — A December study evaluating the effectiveness of bivalent COVID-19 shots found that the risk of COVID infection appeared to rise with each subsequent jab.

The preprint, which was conducted by researchers with the Cleveland Clinic and has not yet been peer reviewed…

According to the study, the risk of COVID infection “increased with time since the most recent prior COVID-19 episode and with the number of vaccine doses previously received.

“The higher the number of vaccines previously received, the higher the risk of contracting COVID-19,” the researchers said.

Noting that the “evolution” of COVID-19 into vaccine-resistant variants “necessitates a more nuanced approach to assessing the potential impact of vaccination than when the original vaccines were developed,” the Cleveland Clinic researchers suggested that there are “[a]dditional factors” that ought to be evaluated “beyond vaccine effectiveness.”

According to the preprint, one of those factors is an apparent correlation between more jabs and a higher risk of infection.

“The association of increased risk of COVID-19 with higher numbers of prior vaccine doses in our study, was unexpected,” the researchers wrote…

Cleveland Clinic researchers went on to point out that theirs isn’t “the only study to find a possible association with more prior vaccine doses and higher risk of COVID-19.”

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  1. The shot destroys your immune system. You’ll get Covid, you’ll get everything. RSV is an illness many didn’t pay much attention to. It’s a light cold, or was, and it’s one of the first colds children get. Adults are getting severe cases of RSV, left and right. Why? Their immunity to it has been erased.

    I know a man who got the vax, developed stage 4 lung cancer. Dead in less than a month. Another man I know, I’ve probably mentioned him before, is dying of dementia. One guy I know has not been the same since he got RSV in early December, and a young girl I know is bedridden with it.

    This shot will kill you in every way imaginable. From cell death due to nanoparticles, from the destruction of the immune system, giving you AIDS, basically, and cancers, and from the spike protein itself (stroke, heart attack, dementia). As immunologist Dolores Cahill said, if you got one shot, you’re going to die from it in 3-5 years. Some doctors say 2 years, give or take a few months.

    World War 3, East Palestine, Ohio, our border crisis, all of these still pale in comparison to the genocide taking place. Bill Gates is the main villain here, worldwide, and frankly he needs drug out of his home and executed. In the US, the men who put Gates’ plan into action are Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci.

    Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi of Germany has noted that mRNA vaccines are primed to replace all traditional vaccines (you know, the ones that worked like the traditional MMR shots). He says the manufacturers will say that with the C19 vaccine the problem wasn’t mRNA but the Covid 19 spike. Make no mistake, the mRNA is the problem, and future mRNA vaccines will work just like the Covid 19 vaccine. And you will die from it (the mRNA exists to produce the infection you supposedly will become immune to).

  2. I’m under the assumption that in the next year give or take I won’t wake up. I feel fine now, but so has everyone else who died suddenly.

    The daily obituaries are full of young people.

      1. Yes unfortunately got 1. I posted my story awhile ago that finding out I was pregnant stopped me from further jabbing. The Lord, in his mercy and goodness has given me a healthy tot so far. I was one of the cowards. Now in knowing the truth I’m trying to wake others.

        1. Scientifically, there is no way to escape the consequences of mRNA. BUT, God is beyond science. I feel bad if I upset you. I will be honest, I have lost my mind because of the last 3 years, knowing and seeing what’s been happening. Even though I believe in God, pray all the time, this has just destroyed my worldview of how things should be. I never thought there could be a worldwide culling like this, demonic, evil. I have watched horrified as people have just marched into this ocean.

          Most people weren’t necessarily cowards, Satan used our trust in a (once up on a time) pretty good public health system, he used our trust in a government we thought that, while bad, would never deliberately murder us, he used our love of our families and fear for their safety, to trick us. And “Pope” Frank was part of this. His consecration of a demon in St. Peter’s unleashed evil on the world.

          Vigano said that Trump was a katechon. I believe he was. But he was too stupid or too arrogant or too cowardly to know this. Or accept it. His decisions made the vax public. He and 99 percent of the nation’s public health apparatus LIED, INTENTIONALLY, about the efficacy and safety of these vaccines. Had he been a real man and said “NO” to the vax, he may have been impeached, ridiculed. But he was anyway. He may have even lost his life, because that’s what we’re up against. But he acceded to the lust of Pachamama.

          But please don’t let what I have said upset you. God determines the number of days we have. And the only way you can get rid of mRNA in your body is through HIM.

          1. I appreciate it but no need for apologies. Some of us simply listened to the wrong people and put too much faith in the healthcare system. There is a level of bitterness for not listening to the right people, but that mistake is my own.

            You have every right to express your thoughts with what has been happening these past three years. I have simply been a confused Catholic that became traditionalist from all of the chaos.

            I lament sometimes but my faith is strong. Prayer brings peace.

        2. If I could take any possible hurt and even death from you and give it to myself I would. I’m single, 47, no job, no kids, etc. I would take your place, I wouldn’t bat an eye.

          I am confused too. LIfe is confusing. I pray God protect you and you live a long and happy and healthy life.

          1. So I’ve replied to Jeff before, but he’s a tough nut to crack. mRNA technology rewrites your cells. This vaccine rewrites the code in your cells to produce the Covid 19 spike. Encoded in the sequence is also HIV. Not only that but the lipid nanoparticles they coat the sequence in to get into your cells is not meant for human use, and it has a positive charge with disrupts the homeostasis of the cell. This is so dangerous it killed decades of test animals and was never approved, until Donald Trump got scared and the devil had his dupe. The C19 shot will kill you in 3 ways: cell death, immune system, and physically through the spike protein.

            Dolores Cahil said 3-5 years, even if you got it once. Most people got their shots, even their first ones in 2021. Other doctors have said within 2 years, give our take a couple of months.

            I wish I was simply being “dramatic”. This is serious, serious stuff. This is 100% lethal. Now maybe some batches were unviable due to temperature, production mishaps, etc. Maybe a lot of people got saline. But if you got a bonafide mRNA C19 vaccine, you will die from it unless God almighty keeps you from it.

            There’s no other way to escape a successful mRNA vaccination. You can’t live with it.

    1. Randomtrad,

      Three points:

      1. Don’t discount the real possibility that some batches of the vax were significantly less virulent than others. The sweethearts facilitating Warp Speed couldn’t concoct their hundreds of millions of doses fast enough so quality control (as they saw it) may have been distinctly patchy.

      2. St.Alphonsus composed the following two short prayers for the Feasts of the Assumption and Our Lady’s Birthday respectively:

      Most Holy Virgin who died out of pure love; may I at least die with contrition.

      Your birth, O Blessed Virgin was holy; may my death be holy.

      You may want to incorporate these into your daily prayer regimen.

      3. Each night before bed time, make the Sign of the Cross while saying ‘Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.’ This practice was recommended by Our Lord Himself to St. Edmund as protection against an unprovided death.

      I hope you have a long and blessed life under Our Lady’s protection.

  3. Randomtrad. Dr. Ryan Cole, Pathologist, has opined that many, many batches of the jab weren’t stored at a cold enough temperature, rendering them useless for the purpose they were intended. In effect, he said, many people simply ended up getting “mush,” not anything active.

    I will pray that this was the case for you and for so many others. When you think about it, given the incompetence of many in society today, improper storage may have been widespread.

    God bless you.

  4. Keep in mind, when looking at the study:

    – Study looked at protection from infection; not hospitalization/death.
    – Study doesn’t show vaxxers are more likely to die or be hospitalized. So much for “The shot destroys your immune system!” Cut the drama queen stuff.
    – covid evolves continually into new strains, escaping the vaxxes.
    – Study found that, *as protection from infection*, natural immunity wanes or is also not great against new strains.
    – The people most vulnerable to covid infection are most likely to get a high number of shots. That our most vulnerable go on to be infected anyway at high rates, especially with new strains, is not a surprise – merely a disappointment.
    – “I know a guy who….” is called *anecdotal evidence*; also, *confirmation bias* – seeing & remembering only what you’d expected to.

    So, what does the study show? They tell you. “The bivalent COVID-19 vaccine given to working-aged adults afforded modest [30%] protection overall against COVID-19 [infection], while [ie., so long as] the virus strains dominant in the community were those represented in the [bivalent] vaccine.”

    Medically (ie. laying aside moral problems to do with fetal cells, fraud & lying, violating people’s rights via mandates, etc.)….. the problems with the vaxx are:

    – they don’t do any better than natural protection
    – they over-train your immune system on old strains of covid
    – by imprinting everybody with the same old protection, they encourage covid evolution to new strains (self-defeating)
    – they flood your body with their version of covid’s toxic “spike protein”, which is why a few unlucky people do get the myocarditis, clotting, autoimmune complications etc.
    – making the vaxxes, overall, a needless risk.

    Are those real problems? yes. In addition to the moral problems? Yes. Am I anti-covid-vaxx? Yes.

    What I’m providing here is a reality check. For example: Nobody who had only a single shot, and has not died of it already, is still going to die of it. Cut the drama.

    The vaxx are medically & ethically lame enough – certainly, children should be kept away from them – without pouring on crazed claims about death sentences or the destruction of humankind, or Trump as somehow both “a katechon” and extreme criminal, both things ridiculous as well as contradictory.

    1. Jeff, if you simply knew the science of mRNA. But instead you’re operating out of fear.

      Being a “katechon” doesn’t mean that person is good or bad. It’s a person that withholds We can easily see this in scripture. God uses immoral people all the the time, for His purpose. The fact is, Donald Trump had a choice with this “vaccine”. There had never been an mRNA vaccine. It was known as incredibly lethal. By his office Trump was a katechon. But what he did was do something incredibly immoral in order to win an election.

      There is a 20% excess death rate in the western world. In Australia they have their lowest birth rate since 1980. There is infertility everywhere. And this is before when most doctors not paid off by Big Pharma say the bodies are going to start piling up.

      That’s the reality: thousands of people are dying, people have strange new diseases, and there is mass sterility.

      Your reality is pretending there isn’t a problem. Maybe you had one shot, or have a loved one who got one shot. I do too. Once mRNA is in your body, it’s in your body forever. Why? It becomes part of your DNA. This why babies are born with it, dead and alive.

      I’m sorry you got a vax, but you should know what you’re up against.

    2. I recommend you use Brave or Presearch as your each engine. One thing that you must understand is that the occultists who control the world do so by controlling the narrative. Very soon, they will keep people from finding some semblance of truth online by having AI generate or censor the content you look for. This will be sold as “cool technology” like the smartphones/tracking devices most people will carry.

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