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Sorry for the lack of posts. Friends and family in AZ all weekend for the big game. Lots of hosting and logistics. Some went to the game, thankfully I did not. No interest in attending. But all had a good time, and the weather was perfect. Now back to pre-Lent. May God bless all those traveling. Spring Training starts here tomorrow, so more tourists incoming!

3 thoughts on “Just in from the White House”

  1. This is by no means exhaustive, but since Pope Frank worshipped a demon in the Vatican in 2019, this has happened in the US:

    *A fake illness which scared enough people to accept a bio-weapon as a cure.
    *A clearly rigged 2020 election. Whether or not Trump is controlled opposition is up in the air, but the fact is the American people were cheated either way.
    *A 1/6 false flag riot which allowed the government to declare 1/2 the country “terrorists”.
    *Vaccine mandates in every aspect of life.
    *Biden’s disastrous and humiliating pullout from Afghanistan, revealed the 30 year lie that is US “democracy building”.
    *All time highs in inflation’
    *All time highs in joblessness
    *An erased southern border
    *China and Mexico flooding our country with drugs, death
    *China establishing “police stations” in the US.
    *China spying at will through confucius centers.
    *China revealing it owns us by us allowing their spy balloon.
    *National infrastructure disaster after disaster
    *Chaos in our airports,
    *Massive train derailment and environmental disasters
    *Everybody has classified documents in their homes
    *Home prices, car prices, gas prices, all soar due to Green New Deal which was actually passed (we just called it the Inflation Reduction Act)
    *”We’re coming for your children” from the gays is absolutely true, happening in our schools, culture.
    *Mental illness is normalized (trans genders, etc)
    *Hunter Biden revealed as a traitor, crack head, pedophile
    *Joe Biden revealed as a traitor, pedophile
    *Joe Biden starts World War 3

    If we’re not in the most evil time in world history, this will do until it shows up.
    And all from “Pope” Frank and Joe Biden– “Catholics”.

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