6 thoughts on “If you see something, say something.”

  1. We live in weird, weird times. A couple of years ago, I was a rebel and anarchist for not wearing a cloth diaper on my face. Last year I was a hater for saying a man cannot change into a woman. Now I am seditious for going to Church. Next year I will probably be called treasonous for claiming water is wet.

    1. You will not be alone gneiss lady. Heaven is our true home and this is the valley of tears we must pass through to get there. I am with you, pushing back on all the satanic insanity, in the way of our path to get home.

  2. Smiling people are potential white supremacists. Who can smile in such an unjust world?

    Call the police if you see them.

  3. The “smells and bells” bit made me chuckle.

    gneisslady: regarding face diapers, made a trip to our local ER yesterday with my son. The place was swarming and everyone was wearing one. My son and I did not. Among the patients and various staff we were the only ones. We sat next to a cancer patient who was very ill and hyperventilating, ready to vomit. He still kept the damn diaper on his face while struggling to breath. I stuck my hand in my pocket where I keep my beads and said a rosary for him.

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