Br. Bugnolo now threatening Eternal Hellfire to anyone not supporting his Monday Marriott faux Conclave

You may have heard that Br. Bugnolo is convening his own conclave this Monday at a Marriott hotel in Rome. What you might not know is that your eternal soul might depend on it, okay?

As an act of fraternal charity, I want to alert the readership that this is hogwash.

Note the final paragraph:

I should have called out this nonsense last week when Br. Bugnolo launched his latest fundraising campaign. Because he needs at least US$60K from you, okay?

And there are plentiful options to donate. Your soul depends on it! <cough>

31 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo now threatening Eternal Hellfire to anyone not supporting his Monday Marriott faux Conclave”

  1. He was even trying to get Bishop Gracida to accept a papal nomination. His Excellency politely declined, citing his upcoming 100th birthday as an impediment. I wonder who Camerlingo Bugnolo’s other candidates will be. Stay tuned . . .

  2. Funny that the luminous Cross that appeared betwixt the clouds at Benedict’s requiem has turned up on a canvas at the hotel booked.

  3. What if he’s right? Not saying he is, but I’ve heard others talk about AB in the same way but I still think AB has been right about Bergoglio.

    1. My solution is that someone with a red hat needs to call an investigation of Pope Benedict’s invalid resignation.

      1. A formal request was made for the College of Cardinals to resolve the status of Pope Benedict’s resignation and it was ignored.

  4. If his reading of canon law is right, he’s doing a good thing by electing the next pope. If his reading is wrong, he is electing an antipope.

    The thing about 1958 sedevacantism is they could solve most of their problems by becoming conclavists, but they never do.

    Let us see what comes of it.

  5. The “conclave” in 1990 which elected “Pope” Michael of Kansas had a kinder attitude. A friend of mine was one of his six electors, and I was never told I might be going to Hell for not accepting Michael as pope. Those were the days when papal conclaves were friendly affairs. Brother Bugnolo is playing hardball.

    1. I don’t know if Br. Alexis is right but I would regard his reading of the situation and subsequent actions as the ‘shorter odds’. In any event, whilst he might couch his argument in softer terms (surely a faithful and hard-working lay faithful is not going to be thrown into hell because he knows not much about Canon Law), the good brother is not to be ridiculed or scoffed at. He is anything but an idiot.

  6. “Br” Bugnolo is not a Franciscan hermit. He is a Layman no different than anyone else. Canon Law defines Religious Orders, eg – Canons 607.2, 608, and 609.1 . He ain’t that.

    Now, his “Ordo Militaris” also exposes him as a grifter, whose “marks” are Catholic Trads – the most pathetic kind, those who yearn for the days of the golden age of Crusades … Knights, damsels in need of saving and Christendom in need of a man with armor and a sword … he appeals to that sad subset with the offer of a new Bugnolian Crusade in his personal army to the bloody mess of PervPresident Zelensky’s Ukraine-Russia front lines, at individual expense and personal liability – with lifetime membership in his “Order Militaris” the golden ticket if you survive the meatgrinder in the Azov Nazi war against the Orthodox Christians of Russia.

    As for his opinions about the apocalypse within the Catholic Papacy, I have found his past writings on invalid resignation of interest, but he’s not alone, or even the first, in recognizing that disaster within Holy Mother Church. And as to the Bugnolo Marriott Conclave? Haven’t heard of it, until now … but I’m not surprised.

    As for me – there is no such thing as “Emeritus” Pope who remains and retains the Papal Office but not the Papal Ministry. The Conclave was illegal, its vote irrelevant, their Pope an “Anti” by definition of Canon Law And all quantifiable subsequent acts that have led the RCC deeply into pagan idolatry and all immorality and the collapse of faith and morals. How “they” fix it is not for me to say. I don’t really care any more – they have their job, I have mine. The Seat is now vacant and we do not have a valid Pope. Where we go next is for God to decide in His Providence. I submit to God and the eternal Church of Rome in all Her unchanging perfection and authority.

    1. “I submit to God and the eternal Church of Rome in all Her unchanging perfection and authority.”

      What ’58 SVists have been doing since they realized “Rome has lost the faith”.

      Problem is the SSPX hierarchy are now, without a doubt according to BiPers, publicly in communion with a heretic. 50 years of a “society, not in full communion with Rome” have been sifting what is or is not safe to follow from their “popes”. Protestants sift their leaders’ teachings; Catholics don’t.

      Best to be ’58 sedes with valid Masses/Sacraments, then ’22 sedes with questionable Sacraments.

        1. Yes. I have the DVD and have watched it many times. Problem is, you’ve not addressed one argument I’ve made above.

          50 years the “not in full communion” SSPX has been sifting what is and is not safe for Catholics to follow from what they say is the Catholic Church and it’s popes. They make themselves the magisterium. That position is not Catholic. Catholics, unlike Protestants, do not have the luxury of picking and choosing what to believe from The Catholic Church and Her valid Popes. I’m sorry you cannot or will not see how R&R destroys the papacy.

          If, by the grace of God, we ever do get another valid Pope, the R&R have set up a precedent to pick and choose. Their position is untenable.

          1. I appreciate your interest. But I’m sticking with Priests within the apostolic line. I’m not interested in cutting loose from that. At all. If you watched the video, you’d remember how carefully the Society was formed by Arbp LeFebvre, such that it was formed within that apostolic line, such that it cannot be now taken away by those whom such things threaten. It is a place of solace for the confused and spiritually suffering. And, most importantly, (once again), it is within the apostolic line, outside of which one is quantifiably not Catholic – by definition.

            I’m not leaving that. God is good. He provides. I am grateful.

          2. Validity of Ordination, like validity of Sacraments and the reality of systematic dogmatic belief, is why a Catholic must remain within the Church, Her Apostolic lines of authority and Her constant Magisterium. To leave all of that as an individual is to spiritually spin away, unmoored. Arbp LeFebvre, and those who now succeed him, carefully remained within the lines … ultimately for the sake of preserving those “lines”. That is the mark of Catholicism.

        2. I think I know why the SSPX sides with Francis. If Francis was recognized as an antipope they would have to follow the laws of the last known pope.

          1. Interesting T. The fact the traditional priests, most especially the SSPX did not jump on the BiP wagon is why I researched SVism. How on earth any Catholic can believe Bergoglio is pope is beyond me. A nd I’m sure as hades not going to take spiritual direction from someone who insists he is.

            With this, I plead with our good OP here, to please in addition to directing Catholics to the SSPX chapels he include the SVist Churches. Mark, we’ve spoken privately and you know the sedes have valid clergy. Why you exclude them as a viable option is a mystery.

          2. I thought at one time the Sedes had valid clergy. Then I did deeper research and now have considerable doubt.

          3. Mark, it’s no secret the SSPX used to conditionally re-ordain NO priests who came into the society. And according to Fr. Cedaka, Abp. Lefebvre in a private conversation told him the NO rite of priestly ordinations were doubtful and the episcopal consecrations were invalid. The very fact SSPX USED to conditionally re-ordain is proof of Fr. Cedaka’s claims. Now, if or when the hammer comes down on the ED priests and they flock to SSPX and aren’t conditionally ordained …that’s gonna be really messy.

            And again, I ask; why trust FiP clergy with your spiritual direction when there are alternatives?

            If you don’t believe sede clergy are valid, how do you square NO’s validity when Lefebvre himself says there is doubt?

          4. Kono,
            I’m reading a book called “One Hundred Years Of Modernism”, by Fr Dominique Bourmaud (SSPX), whom I’ve had the privilege to have once as a confessor (he’s now deceased, tragically for us). In it he explains all the philosophical and theological roots of Modernism and how they all came to full fruition in the II Vatican Council (*The* Council, as its proponents refer to it as). In it he explains how it is disastrous to the RC Faith and fatal to those who follow it fully to its heretical ultimate conclusions.

            What he does NOT do is thereby remove from Papal Office all who participated in the Council and its aftermath Constitutions, which were even worse. He does not remove from Bishoprics and Cardinalcies those who participated and advanced the errors. He does not declare all VII Priest Ordinations and their Sacraments invalid. He does not declare the Papacy and the apostolic line of the RCC dead, waiting a future miracle.

            What he does in this book is declare the patient sick and perform a comprehensive diagnosis so that proper authorities can treat the patient in prayer and mortifications and through the hard future work of Canonical processes.

            The Mystical Bride is pure. Its living members, including the Pope (etc) are sinners and prone to error. We are called as Christians to defend Holy Mother Church *from within* Holy Mother Church. It is a Monarchy with Christ, Her King and Charity is the coin of the Realm.

            Time and Grace and the Providence of God, through the vital activity of we, soldiers of Christ (aka Christians) will ultimately prevail over these evil forces allowed by God, for His own chastising reasons, to prevail for a relatively short time in our day. *WITHIN*, always and only *within* the Apostolic Line of hierarchic authority, according to our station and responsibilities.

          5. Aqua,

            50 years the society has been sifting the magisterium of what they insist is the Catholic Church and it’s popes. This is not the Catholic response to a valid Pope/magisterium.

            50 years of a society “not canonically regular” with Rome, insisting we stay “within” a Church they’re not fully in?

            50 years the society has been warning the faithful not to attend the NO. Warnings to stay away from what they insist is the Catholic Church with a valid Pope/magisterium?

            And now the last 10 years insisting Bergoglio is pope when people such as yourself and many, many others know he is not?

            And yet 50 years of this is to be believed, but 64 years of Sede Vacante is somehow unbelievable?

            The Bride of Christ is spotless because of Her doctrines. The VII antiChurch’s doctrines are heretical…..therefore, not the spotless Bride of Christ…..therefore, not the Catholic Church.

  7. What a disaster. His “conclave” at the Marriott Hotel elected Jorge Bergoglio as the next pope. You can’t make this up! Now he is again in a hard place, like when he placed himself into the Ukraine and sided with the corrupt Ukrainian government. He can either not recognize his conclave, but he has already threatened everybody who does not recognize it with eternal fire. He now claims that Bergoglio will be miraculously cured of all heresy now that he is pope. He could also do the Greta Radner character’s, “Oops, never mind.”

    1. Would JB recognize the election though? If he doesn’t he is not the pope and if he does he wasn’t the pope, and if he does he is the pope. Clearly we are characters in a satire.

    1. It’s like God saying “back off, noob!”

      Let’s see what happens by 2030, because I think sedevacantism has a finite time limit. Having a pope isn’t like an expansion pack that would be nice to have some day, but the actual source of at least 2 marks that distinguish the Catholic Church from a different church.

      1. I am now a Sede, (’22) because Benedict XVI, the last valid Pope who never resigned his Office nor quantifiably left his Office, has now died in Office. The Seat is vacant. I am waiting to see what happens next in God’s Providence. I presume the next Conclave will be valid and I will accept the results as will all Catholics.

        My SSPX Priest has an interesting take on legal complications that enter into the Catholic Law and Tradition from (subsequently determined) invalid Office-holders, based on the ancient secular Roman system of government, which allowed for *mistakes* to be made in the validity of the holders of governmental Offices without overthrowing the entire system of government (which is the traditional position of the ’58 Sedes). The laws propagated by such invalid holders of Office were not immediately overturned, once invalidity was established. Rather, Roman legal system accepted these invalidities and presumed that time and the overwhelming force of valid Roman government would rectify any errors in the future. I don’t fully comprehend such a concept as explained to me, but I do accept it as the valid teaching of the RCC – one of the reasons it is so important to be under the authority of Apostolic Shepherds we trust within the Sacred Magisterium.

        1. Well, at least it won’t be invalid because the seat (see?) is occupied (I envision that little sign on the airplane lavatory indicating vacancy).

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