Florida Supreme Court approves DeSantis request for grand jury to investigate COVID shots

By Matt Lamb

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (LifeSiteNews) — The safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 injections can be examined by a statewide grand jury in Florida, following a request from Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. 

The Florida Supreme Court announced on Thursday that it approved Gov. DeSantis’ request for a grand jury to investigate claims made by COVID-19 shot manufacturers such as Moderna and Pfizer. A grand jury can depose witnesses and obtain documents as part of its investigations.

“An investigation is warranted to determine whether the pharmaceutical industry has engaged in fraudulent practices. The people of Florida deserve to know the truth,” DeSantis wrote in his December 13 petition to the Supreme Court of Florida requesting the grand jury investigation. 

The petition notes that state law “prohibits fraudulent practices, including the dissemination of false or misleading advertisements of a drug and the use of any … suggestion … that an application of a drug is effective when it is not.” 

“The pharmaceutical industry has a notorious history of misleading the public for financial gain,” DeSantis’ team argued in its petition. “Questions have been raised regarding the veracity of the representations made by the pharmaceutical manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines, particularly with respect to transmission, prevention, efficacy, and safety.” 

Currently established risks of the COVID-19 injections include deathmyocarditisinfertilitymiscarriagemenstrual cycle changes and Guillain-Barré syndrome [paralysis].   

DeSantis also created a “Public Health Integrity Committee” to examine the claims made by federal health officials…

One thought on “Florida Supreme Court approves DeSantis request for grand jury to investigate COVID shots”

  1. It’s good to go at it from the fraud angle. Deliberate deception certainly forms part of the evil these companies have committed. But it’s going to be tough because I assume he can cite only advertising paid for by Pfizer directly – not the propaganda spewed by “newscasters” on programs brought to you by Pfizer. Still, I am glad to see someone is kicking the ant pile.

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