RIP Franco Harris, two days shy of 50th anniversary of most famous moment in NFL history

“The NFL Alumni association was paid a whopping $3,500,000 by the CDC to promote the COVID-19 vaccine, TMZ Sports has learned. U.S. Federal Procurement docs show the CDC and the NFL Alumni assoc. signed the multi-million dollar deal at the beginning of May.”



11 thoughts on “RIP Franco Harris, two days shy of 50th anniversary of most famous moment in NFL history”

  1. The jab pushers really are a special kind of gross, especially the ones who refuse to walk it back & admit their error.

    By the way, where did the CDC get $3.5 million for agitprop??

    1. Why call something you did intentionally and with full knowledge an error? Even Trump, who is mostly responsible for this, wont’ admit error. That might be his pride. But nah. Pfizer wanted 3/4 of a century to hide what it did. Bill Gates is allowed to roam free after sterilizing, killing and paralyzing people in Africa and India, and deforming babies in Brazil. He’s living his best life now, watching people die from his company’s technology (Pfizer actually leases Moderna’s mRNA).

      Everyone gets on Fauci, who is odious and evil, but Fauci actually has almost nothing to do with the vaccine. IMO, Gates, Bourla (Pfizer), Trump and BIden need rounded up and given “justice”.

  2. I wonder how many more deaths it will take for people to realize that the jab is doing it’s real job. It’s all about blaming others though.
    It’s ridiculous people keep getting 4th, 5th jabs…however many. And STILL think Covid is “scary”. This “tripledemic” is all about control. My kids all got sick recently with who knows what and were miserable for a day and running around/crawling the next. What’s scary is how many people are dying on a daily basis and people think it’s normal to die like that.

    If I’m not mistaken, tagged is tagged and even just with one my fate is sealed. Myocarditis lingering dormant most likely and will manifest in a year or two. Or you know, not wake up. I hope in my remaining time I can pay properly for my cowardice. Lord have mercy.

    1. It’s scary and hard for people to connect the dots. Most people don’t realize that this won’t stop at the vaccine. The mRNA vax is in the blood banks, donated organs, cadaver bones, and soon will be in all our traditional vaccines. As Mike Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer and respiratory infection expert said, if these guys simply wanted to make money, they could’ve just filled the vials with saline. The planning, cunning, and body count indicate that this could only be done by the type of people who would worship Satan.

      My brother was talking to me about a friend of his who has undergone a spate of bad health luck lately, including a tumor in his brain. He suddenly wondered aloud if it was because he was vaccinated? And I was like YES.

      For the past 2 years my mind has been splitting in two dealing with the evil thrust upon us. We live under demonic oppression and at best an ignorant/at worst malevolent government. And everyone is so scared of dying that they ironically take a poison for a virus that is 99.8 percent survivable.

      We don’t want to think our government hates us. But they do. And they have for a long time. It’s just that, thanks to Bergoglio the Satanist and his consecration of Pachamama in 2019 and again through his fake consecration to Mary’s Immaculate Heart (that prayer was to Pachamama, not Mary) the masks have been ripped off and we are seeing demons everywhere.

  3. It’s so very sad. My twin brother was talking to me today at our annual CHristmas party and he won’t say what should be said about this vaccine genocide: it’s evil. We are in the hands of evil right now.

    My aunt got the vax and various boosters and she’s aged a lot since then. My other aunt and uncle have been sick ever since. My friend Brent is dying from dementia after he got vaxxed, and I’m fairly sure my dad’s cousin died from a massive vaccine-induced stroke. My uncle Ronnie got vaxxed and then got an aggressive skin cancer that they just now got control of (but who knows?).

    Every day now we’re seeing more and more people dying on couches, in bed, while running. You never know when it’s going to happen. Toby Keith is dying from cancer, Terry Bradshaw had the same type of cancer, and you can’t tell me it’s not because of the vaccine.

    80% of the country has had at least 1 shot. And 1 is all it takes. It is pure poison. It’s one and done. You take one, you’ve shortened your life.

    We are in the worst time in human history.

  4. May our Lord have mercy on his soul. This “died suddenly” problem is scary for all of us, most especially the jabbed, as it robs them of any sacramental preparation for death and the opportunity to suffer consciously for their sins before expiring. If this isn’t a call for conversion and acceptance of the consequences of choices made, then I don’t know what is.

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