Surprise! Katie Hobbs has a special direct line into Twitter to cancel the tweets she doesn’t like

The Missouri v. Biden case is the one about government attacks on free speech via social media controls. Filings in the lawsuit are turning up some interesting nuggets, like this obnoxious email exchange showing Arizona’s Katie Hobbs telling Twitter what posts to cancel:

This is an example of the direct line that Ms. Hobbs’ office had into Twitter. So, politically-connected Democrats didn’t just report a tweet for violation of the terms of service by clicking the button, like all us deplorables have do. Instead, these connected politicians had a special customer service contact at twitter, to “handle” their requests.

Below is what a “report” of violation of the terms of service looked like.

In other words, the tweets were critical of the government.

I dare you to try getting an email response from Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. Good luck. That kind of access is only available to liberal politicians, apparently. Well, not anymore at Twitter, since all those “content moderators” have been laid off. But presumably this is still standard operating procedure at the other social media giants.

Gross. Gross and unconstitutional.

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