National rail strike scheduled for December 5th… go get your vittles

As previously reported in this space, the rail strike still looms, despite Biden taking a victory lap back in September.

Now we have a major union rejecting the deal, with the strike scheduled for December 5th. The other unions will stand with their striking brothers. If you need stuff, get it now.

Large rail union SMART-TD votes to reject labor deal as national strike moves closer


SMART-TD, one of the largest railroad labor unions, voted down a tentative agreement with rail management, raising the likelihood of a strike in December. The BLET, the other largest union, voted to ratify the labor deal but said it will honor the picket line.

“It’s now back to the bargaining table for our operating craft members,” said Jeremy Ferguson, president of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers-Transportation Division. “This can all be settled through negotiations and without a strike. A settlement would be in the best interests of the workers, the railroads, shippers and the American people.”

“We stood shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in SMART-TD and others in rail labor throughout this process and we will continue to stand in solidarity with them as we approach the finish line in this round of negotiations,” said Dennis Pierce, president of BLET, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen.

The BMWED, the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes, is scheduled to strike Dec. 5 with the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen, or BRS. But BMWED announced it would extend its cooling-off period if one of the larger unions voted not to ratify the tentative labor deal. The BRS has not indicated whether it will extend its deadline for talks.

SMART-TD, BMWED and BRS represent more than 50% of all rail labor.

The rail industry has estimated the impact of a strike at $2 billion per day. A strike would affect all of the major rail operators, including Union PacificNorfolk Southern and CSX.

BMWED and BRS have another round of talks with railroad carriers Monday afternoon on federal sick pay.

5 thoughts on “National rail strike scheduled for December 5th… go get your vittles”

  1. It seems like the goal is to usher in whatever hurts America and Americans, so expect it to happen. But somehow I feel the elites in Washington won’t feel a thing. They are willing to pay the price to have you suffer though.

    1. The only 2 nation states that the globalists want destroyed are Russia and the USA. Russia because Putin won’t join the Eurozone, and the US because our individual rights and freedom are a threat to control.

      I know, I know, the US is a Freemason-founded country and so deserves to fall, in the hopes of some trads, but actually it’s been more Christian for most of its existence than Catholic countries. Our Bill of Rights is fundamentally Christian.

      And if the US falls, there is no place for the rad trads to go. There’s no place for ANYONE to go.

      So that is why we are in a war in Ukraine and we’re being starved to death, frozen to death, and killed with the Trump vaccine. Because we’re a bit too uppity with our “rights” and such.

      Note: China is the biggest polluter on earth, biggest violators of rights, and the globalists leave them alone. Why? Because China is the economic engine of the world, with a centralized control system they admire. Oh, and they’re Satanic.

    1. Obesity has nothing to do with the spread of Covid. And it has nothing to do with vice. As a guy who has struggled with obesity his entire life, I can tell you, straight up, it’s genetic. It’s not a “sign of weakness”, or a sign of inferior character.

      To give you an idea….I’ve lost 100 pounds twice, and 200 pounds once. I’m 47. I fought very hard. Your body has a baseline. Your body has a genetic baseline. And yeah you can defeat it, you can , but it’s exhausting and stressful and can actually make you sick. Ask me.

      I’m 305 pounds right now, 5’8″. Heart rate is perfect, blood pressue is 115/75 . Conversely I know a woman who is slim, fit, and has had heart disease most of her life.

      The casual attitude a lot of people, especially certain CAtholic Bloggers have toward obesity, especially those who see it as reflective as one of the 7 deadly sins, is disgusting. THere have always been fat people. We shouldn’t “celebrate it”, or encourage it, or promote it, but it isn’t a result of a character defect, or a sinful nature.

      It’s how God made us. Crosses to bear.

  2. “Obesity has nothing to do with the spread of Covid” – I’m not disagreeing with you. The linked study, however, is disagreeing with you.

    Studies can be wrong. But all that you’ve offered to contradict it – thus far – is mere assertions.

    Many previous studies have linked obesity to severity of covid symptoms, or to bad outcomes. As such, a study result that ties obesity to covid spread also, is pretty unsurprising. Again, any study can be wrong. But this one, shall we say, isn’t counter-intuitive.

    As to the cause of obesity: It has one fundamental cause, that over the course of the person’s life to date, they have taken in more calories than their body has burned.

    “Genetic” – Maybe if you want to argue that your baseline metabolism is lower than other people’s, while your feelings of hunger are more intense, or your brain structured more to want fat in you – OK. All human characteristics are on a Bell Curve, meaning some people reach the extremes.

    But the baseline arithmetic of calories, weight gain, weight loss, remains simple. If you’ve been misled otherwise in your life, I’m sorry.

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