Mexican government uses street video from Philly to warn about drugs

The street scenes are clearly Philly, as you can even catch a fleeting glimpse of the Septa sign at the El platform for the K&A station.

There is irony on multiple levels, since record amounts of fentynal now flow freely from Mexico across our border. Still, how proud must city leadership be that the visibly abject failure of their deep blue policies is being used in OTHER COUNTRIES as a warning against using drugs, tolerating drugs, tolerating crime, as a means to turn your city into a shithole. Nice work.

Google translate: “The Campaign against Addictions of @GobiernoMX seeks to inform young people of the damage caused to health by the consumption of chemical drugs. The information and the participation of the family and the school are important factors of protection against addictions. Find out!”

3 thoughts on “Mexican government uses street video from Philly to warn about drugs”

  1. To give everyone some context as to how this area has declined: This was the neighborhood in the first Rocky movie (1976). It’s pretty much a no-go area now. Adrian, Paulie and even Rocky would be mugged or shot within seconds there now. I’d feel safer walking the streets of Tijuana at night that the streets of Kensington during the day. Everyone who gleefully voted for John Fetterman and Josh Shapiro this past Tuesday, voted for the policies that have destroyed Kensington.

    1. In the sixth movie, “Rocky Balboa” 2006, Marie’s bar was right under the El tracks and her house right down the street.

  2. George Soros is an agent of Satan. As are most of our politicians, health care providers, etc. Bergoglio the Pedo consecrating Pachamama was efficacious in taking the mask off.

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