If you think your opponent is a Nazi, would it be your moral duty to defeat him/her in any way possible?

This is a serious question.

In 2017, Katie Hobbs was an Arizona state senator who thought Trump was the neo-Hitler leader of the neo-Nazis.


By 2020, Katie Hobbs was Arizona Secretary of State, in charge of overseeing elections. As in, the 2020 General Election. Did she have a “moral duty” to stop him? Has anyone asked her?

Oh wait, questioning elections is a threat to democracy, you terrorist.

In 2020, Katie Hobbs is running for Governor against a MAGA, Trump-endorsed, election denier Kari Lake. Katie Hobbs, incredibly, did not have to resign her position in order to run; she is still Secretary of State.

If you believe MAGA=Nazi, and that J6 was an armed insurrection, and that questioning elections is a threat to democracy, what are your moral imperatives? Katie Hobbs, call your office.

Tweet still not deleted five years later:

3 thoughts on “If you think your opponent is a Nazi, would it be your moral duty to defeat him/her in any way possible?”

  1. I thought the whole white genocide thing and Hillary will lead the US to nuclear war thing was lunacy, but now it’s blindingly clear that the super elite want to replace people with the capacity and culture to question the idea that might makes right with conformers that will do whatever they are told. The senile man has led us the word to a nuclear war. So I guess the MAGA people were right in a way; I just don’t think Trump was the savior people expected. In 2020 governments around the world labeled poison medicine and shot billions.

    1. I think your Trump assessment is “spot on.”

      Put not your trust in princes: ” Douhay Rheims, Psalm 45: Alleluia, of Aggeus and Zacharias. [2] Praise the Lord, O my soul, in my life I will praise the Lord: I will sing to my God as long as I shall be. Put not your trust in princes: [3] In the children of men, in whom there is no salvation. [4] His spirit shall go forth, and he shall return into his earth: in that day all their thoughts shall perish. [5] Blessed is he who hath the God of Jacob for his helper, whose hope is in the Lord his God.”

      Christopher Check of Catholic Answers does a great job applying this admonition, “Put not your trust in Prices,” to our political/cultural/societal/educational/religious/and moral afflictions and degradations.

      You can purchase Chris’ MP3 download for $2.95 at Catholic Answers.

      I liked Chris’ application of the dictum, ” “Nemo dat quod non habet” – No one can give what he does not have.

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