A response to the diabolical destruction and looting of the Philly Carmel

Readers of this site will recall my extensive coverage of the destruction of the Philadelphia Carmelite monastary, first in 2021 and continued early 2022. Maike Hickson at Lifesite News published startling new revelations yesterday that I suggest you read here:

‘They are profiting from the closure of the monastery’: Rome suppresses Carmel in Philadelphia

Across the transom, a response of a reader NVP and the LifeSite article about the Philadelphia Carmel:
LifeSite News has just revealed some of the damnable ecclesiastical hijinks behind the closure of the Carmelite monastery of Philadelphia. The expose is well past due. Many Catholics and even some non-Catholics worldwide have been left troubled and wondering for the past eighteen months following the sudden departure of a young and thriving community of Carmelite nuns from their monastery in the city. As the LifeSite article points out, this monastery is one of rich history and great significance.
We would not be surprised if the attack against this Carmel and the ferocious assault against traditional Catholic contemplative life should come from the external enemies of Jesus Christ and His Church. That such an abhorrent war against all that is holy, good and true should come from characters in positions of apparent authority, even at the highest levels in Rome, gives us pause, to say the least. More so, it raises questions about what has happened in the Church for at the very least these past sixty years. Does anyone have the courage to conclude and state the obvious? Christ gives us the answer in the Holy Gospel. While the masters slept, the enemy came in the darkness of night to oversow the wheat-fields of the Church with cockle. In darkness. In the darkness of human hearts this was done, much as Judas went out of the presence of Jesus in the Upper Room to do his dirty deicidal deed in darkness. “And it was night,” declares St. John.
Night indeed has fallen on the Church, presently in terrifying visible eclipse, just as Heaven and the mystics have foretold. And in this night of eclipse, we see from the LifeSite article that there are dreamers, even consecrated souls, whose dreams are pleasant to themselves, but nightmares to the small struggling and persecuted faithful flock of Christ.
Their dreams are visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. In the case of the Philadelphia Carmel, the plum is the juicy, sweet and fat windfall of financial gain, with a luscious accompaniment of canceled contemplative community. Here these dreamers seek to serve their gluttonous appetite for worldly gain and for the devouring and destruction of thriving contemplative life. Their malodorous and diabolical, narcissistic malice is now coming to light.
Honest observers will note that such sugarplums are the only item on the dreamers’ menu. The menu, I say? Yes, the menu called “Cor orans,” imposed on all participating franchisees by the apparatchiks of corporate Vatican II, Inc.
The failure to communicate openly and honestly with the public since April of 2021–or should I say the deliberate choice to not so communicate by the parties involved in the situation at the Philadelphia Carmel?—has raised questions. Inquiring minds want and deserve to know.
Over the course of these past many months, we have seen the authorized departure of the last remaining nun, the cessation and prohibition of public and private worship and devotion at the beautiful chapel of Carmel, the closing of its revived religious goods store, the prevention of any of the faithful to so much as enter the grounds, the moving of the Carmel mailbox from the interior courtyard to the outside of the main entrance, the expulsion of the monastery’s Carmelite Secular (OCDS) community and, finally, the 24/7 locking of its public entrance gates.
The obvious question is why. Why this crushing of any activity or signs of life at Carmel? Is there something here so horrendous, wicked, shameful, dishonest or criminal that it must be hidden at all costs, however steep or irrational? We are driven by this seemingly bizarre cloak-and-dagger scenario to ask: Why this draconian repression of any and all activity, including the simple prayers of the faithful wishing to visit in order to pray to their beloved Mother in her house and theirs. Yes, theirs. Theirs by their 120 years of devotion and love, prayers, sacrifices and material and financial support of the nuns and their hallowed home in the midst of the city.
And what of the nuns whose remains lie entombed on the grounds of Carmel? Dare anyone suggest that they are of no account, that their lives have nothing to say concerning the fate of the Philadelphia Carmel? Shall our beloved dead in the communion of saints have no voice? Shall their heroic witness to Jesus Christ and the Faith bear no weight in the lives and choices of the living, the members of the Church Militant who stand on the shoulders of these spiritual giants? If the dead have nothing to say to us, it is only because our loss of faith and supernatural vision has made us deaf to their appeals.
In fact, this entire debacle aimed at the dissolution of the Philadelphia Carmel is a brazen sign of the effective loss of faith and the absence of love for the little flock of Christ among those who have instigated and are continuing the assault on the Philadelphia Carmel and on contemplative life throughout the Church.
Dear readers, understand the reality we face at present. We have the choice. We can fight for God and His Holy Church, for His glory and majesty, and for the consequent good of souls, our own included. No less fateful is the opposite choice. By remaining passive and silent, thus acquiescing to evil and thereby to give consent to evil-doers, is to invite the severe judgment of God against us, now and at the moment of our death.
We are in the midst of a great spiritual battle, whether we like it or not. By the mysterious providence of God, the Philadelphia Carmel is ground-zero and a test case conducted by the conscious or unconscious enemies of Christ.
Let us engage in the battle before us, while at the same time imploring the Mother of God, herself an “army arrayed in battle” and great foe of Satan, for the enlightenment and conversion of these errant souls, and for the continuing conversion and strengthening of our own selves.
Mother of Mount Carmel, hear our prayers!

12 thoughts on “A response to the diabolical destruction and looting of the Philly Carmel”

  1. Isn’t it the Carmelites—yes it is because of Mt. Carmel—that used to claim to be a monastic order predating Chriatianity and established by the prophet Elijah. How then can Rome have authority over them when popes derive from the 7th or 8th century AD? The mythology of an earlier origin of popes is so much fecal matter. Those who say the Carmelites weren’t really established by Elijah and yet believe Peter was a pope are literally retarded.

    1. Peter is followed by … Linus, Cletus, Clement, Xystus, Cornelius … there is a continuous succession with 30 or so anti-popes in the mix right up to the man who many believe to be pope today (and many others believe is an anti-pope).

    2. The word “pope” just means “father” (papa, padre, pater, pere) and was applied to ALL bishops in the early Church. Saint Paul referred to himself as the pope (“father”) of the Corinthians. See 1 Corinthians 4:15.

      This is a demonstrable fact, as non-Catholics also use the term “pope” for some of their bishops. The Coptic bishop of Alexandria is referred to as “pope.”

      The early Church had bishops from Day 1, i.e., the apostles, who were the first bishops, as the apostles held bishoprics. See Acts 1:20 (KJV): “For it is written in the book of Psalms, Let his habitation be desolate, and let no man dwell therein: and his bishoprick let another take.”

      In the Catholic Church, over the years the term “pope” came to be used for the Bishop of Rome only. We know the identity of every single Bishop of Rome since the time of Saint Peter; it is an historical fact. The idea that the popes “derive from the 7th or 8th century AD” is utter nonsense.

      The present day Carmelites are Catholics, which is the reason popes have jurisdiction over them. It’s not difficult to understand that concept.

  2. Cancellation of contemplative monasteries can be profitable. Especially when one casts aside all concerns about the appearance of impropriety.

  3. “…Gives us pause to say the least.” Indeed.

    Psalm 54 [11] Day and night shall iniquity surround it upon its walls: and in the midst thereof are labour, [12] And injustice. And usury and deceit have not departed from its streets. [13] For if my enemy had reviled me, I would verily have borne with it. And if he that hated me had spoken great things against me, I would perhaps have hidden myself from him. [14] But thou a man of one mind, my guide, and my familiar, [15] Who didst take sweetmeats together with me: in the house of God we walked with consent.

  4. This unfortunate situation and the closure (of the monastery) is shameful and dishonest on the part of the Vatican and the Philadelphia Archdiocese. Fighting back is warranted. Even if we don’t win the battle, we must fight the good fight.

    Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for your monastics and for hearts and minds to change. Pray for us all.

  5. Today, Sunday the 30th, is the Feast of Christ the King. Always a joyous day and now, in light of these latest revelations about what really happened to the Philadelphia Carmel, it is an especially apt reminder that Christ IS truly our King. We no longer have any shepherds in this valley of tears. Our bishops are either active sodomites or sodomite-friendly wolves, effeminately in submission to a blatant and obvious antipope – Jorge Bergoglio – reporting directly to satan. Those few that have gained celebrity status, going around the world and saying the right things Trads want to hear… it is my personal opinion that they are controlled opposition ala the republicans in the American politics theatre. The antichurch is here. It is in-your-face visible, and it is determined to destroy the contemplative religious life, the Mass, the dogmas of the Church and cause you to lose your faith and go to hell. Don’t let them!

    Death to freemasonry and all of its rotten fruits! Christ the King, now and forever.

  6. Pope Gregory XVI said that the time “reform” and “restoration” were possible was when the reformers creates a new church, distinct from the Catholic Church. This means that because, as Romero Amerio points out in Iota Unum, not a single aspect of the Church was left unchanged, that Vatican II created a “New Church”, not Catholic, but new. Paul VI gave us a ” new Mass for a new church” and JPII was a “new pope for a new church”. The enemies of the Church, then, are necessarily outside of Her.

    1. There is an amazing Stained glass windo in the back of the Church of St. Albert of Sicily, the source of the Blessed Water present at all Carmelite Monasteries

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