Breaking: Sodomy and adultery are old and broke; now the Antichurch of Synodality aims to approve polygamy

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A working document for the continental phase of the Church’s global “synod on synodality” has called for institutional and structural reform of the Church at all levels, to better incorporate synodality into ecclesiastical life.

The text, issued Oct. 27 by the Vatican’s Permanent Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops, praised the local and national phases of the synodal process as a success, saying that “participation exceeded all expectations.”

The working document also noted several calls for the Church to adopt a “more meaningful dialogue” with and “more welcoming space for” particular groups who said they feel unwelcome in the Church. Among those groups, the report said, are people who feel “a tension between belonging to the Church and their own loving relationships, such as: remarried divorcees, single parents, people living in a polygamous marriage, LGBTQ people, etc.”

It added that episcopal conference reports also “give voice to the pain of not being able to access the Sacraments experienced by remarried divorcees and those who have entered into polygamous marriages,” and that “there is no unanimity on how to deal with these situations.”

12 thoughts on “Breaking: Sodomy and adultery are old and broke; now the Antichurch of Synodality aims to approve polygamy”

  1. Modern Women desire polygammy. Their whoredoms are because it doesn’t exist. They desire to be dominated by the same Chad and to compete over his affection. Polygammy is the only solution to wipe out feminism. And once its gone we can go back to monogammy for 500 years then feminism will arise again and we smack it down with polygammy again. Rinse and repeat.

  2. Hopefully this news will wake up the Trad Catholics who insist that Jorge Bergoglio is the pope and there’s no antichurch. If this isn’t proof that the antichurch is not only here, but here with a big middle finger aimed at God and His Holy Catholic Church, then I don’t know what more proof we need.

    Stay rigid my friends. A LOT of our friends are going to be scandalized out of their Faith because of this. Don’t let that happen to you. The Church is still here and it is visible, albeit in eclipse. The holy father is also visible: he’s a frail, 95 year old man locked up in the Vatican who still wears white, a papal ring and even gives official apostolic blessings to cardinals Antipope Bergoglio appoints.

  3. If the 2019 pachamama worship got us the Covid-insanity, I wonder what the Flemish bishops “blessing” for sodomite unions, along with the complete silence from Benedict XVI, the True Pope, (silence from him might be understandable as he might be completely isolated from the events in the Church today) as well as silence from the rest of the world’s Bishops will bring us…

  4. We’re in the end times. Nothing surprises me at this point. Just another reminder that this is the Antipope, the anti church, and us Trads are in the minority.

    Finding one good, real man is hard enough to find, and yet women seek out two? Or more? Millennial hookup culture is beyond insane. Narcissism is rampant.

    1. Is it women seeking two husbands or the more likely husbands wanting two wives? Variety is the spice of life they say, ick!

      1. Touché, Cynthia! Men are just as bad… like on sister wives.
        It’s sad, really. Being married the way God intended to a faithful, loving spouse brings so much more fulfillment. A lot of people missing out!

  5. Sede Vacante all. B16 is as much a heretic as Bergoglio and the rest of the post conciliar “popes”. We cannot in any way, shape or form be in union with the antiChurch. There’s enough info out there to prove the position. I myself started looking into it (and was fearful of it) when SSPX, ED priests didn’t get on board with BiP.

    1. Do you want to discuss it? I am convinced sedevacantism is a false solution to a real problem, because it claims the Church can lose 3/4 (if not all) marks that identify the Church and still be the one true religion. Missing marks are what distinguishes false churches from the true Church. It’s not a “mystery” but a contradiction, and contradictions don’t exist.

      No doubt the VII popes have scandalized many, but I don’t see how they can be dismissed as heretics without by the same criteria dismissing Pope Honorius as a heretic; and if he can scandalize people and not be a heretic why can’t they also?

      Sedevacantism would make sense if the world ended 3 1/2 to 7 years after the mass changed. But translating the word of consecration from Latin to any other language by itself wouldn’t change the form of the sacrament, for Jesus did not say the last supper in Latin.

      Then we can see that the apostasy in the Church came from freemasonic infiltrators pretending to follow Vatican II, doing things it did not call for.

      1. I struggle with being sucked into the Dimond/sede mindset. I really do. Our Lord DID say the gate is very narrow… but as narrow as they say? All that attend these false churches are damned? No valid sacraments? I have a hard time believing that. It’s spiritually frustrating when trying to seek and be fully dedicated to the truth.

  6. There’s an amusing (if possibly apocryphal) answer from a school kid to the question ‘What is the word for being married to the same person all your life?’


    It’s getting to the stage where in a lot of “Catholic” schools, that answer will be deemed correct.

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