No amount of spin can undo what voters witnessed on the debate stage last night in Pennsylvania

The Media’s Cover-Up of John Fetterman


It should now be crystal clear why Democrat John Fetterman refused to take part in more than a single debate with his Republican Senate rival, Mehmet Oz, and why Fetterman insisted on pushing that debate to just two weeks before Election Day—after at least 500,000 Pennsylvania voters had already voted.

Last night’s debate was an unmitigated disaster.

A disaster for Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor—who appeared confused and could barely manage a coherent sentence, let alone a complete paragraph.

And a disaster for Pennsylvania voters, who didn’t get the tough, substantive debate they deserved, one that would have pushed Oz to explain, among other things, why he was distancing himself from Donald Trump (without whom he wouldn’t be the nominee); his position on abortion; China; and how he plans to bring down gas prices.

Oz had some solid talking points, but they were just that—talking points. But Fetterman lacked even those.

You can watch the whole debate here:

A few examples of what went down:

There was Fetterman’s confusing opening statement.

His refusal to share his medical records.

His simplistic and, at moments, cheerleader-sounding celebration of Roe v. Wade.

And, in perhaps the most baffling moment of the night, his inability to explain his position on fracking:

The Pennsylvania Senate race is among the most important in the country. So, the Fetterman campaign—which seriously limited the candidate’s interaction with constituents and put the kibosh on press gaggles—granted some interviews. Almost all of them were conducted remotely, over Google Hang, with closed captioning. None that we can recall focused on the most important thing about John Fetterman: The fact that the candidate, who suffered from a stroke five months ago, does not appear fit to serve.

Until last week.

Last week, NBC reporter Dasha Burns had the temerity to observe the obvious: John Fetterman has trouble with chit chat. Here is what she said: “In small talk before the interview without captioning, it wasn’t clear that he was understanding our conversation.”

She got crucified for it by any number of journalists with blue checks.

From Kara Swisher: “Sorry to say but I talked to @JohnFetterman for over an hour without stop or any aides and this is just nonsense. Maybe this reporter is just bad at small talk.”

From New York Magazine’s Rebecca Traister, who profiled the candidate: His “comprehension is not at all impaired.” The problem, she explained, is “a hearing/auditory challenge.” She added: “He understands everything.”

Molly Jong-Fast came to Fetterman’s defense, tweeting that, in a recent interview, the candidate “understood everything I was saying and he was funny.”

Connie Schultz, a USAToday columnist and the wife of Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, observed: “As he continues to recover, @JohnFetterman used technology to help him answer a reporter’s questions. How we as journalists frame this reveals more about us than it does him.”

The Atlantic’s John Hendrickson suggested that the problem wasn’t Fetterman but, well, us. “Part of our culture’s ongoing stigmatization of disability stems from our profound lack of understanding about the variability—and spectrum—of physical and mental challenges.”

And so on.

The NBC reporter was also attacked by Fetterman’s wife, Gisele. She suggested that Burns should be punished for reporting honestly. “I mean, there are consequences for folks in these positions who are any of these isms,” Gisele Fetterman said. “I mean, she was ableist. That’s what she was in her interview. It was appalling to the entire disability community and I think to journalism.” (The Second Lady of Pennsylvania seemed unconcerned with the First Amendment.)

If anything, Burns, who has covered the race extensively, understated just how bad Fetterman’s condition is…

10 thoughts on “No amount of spin can undo what voters witnessed on the debate stage last night in Pennsylvania”

  1. A tremendous number of early ballots have already been cast—they only needed to prop up the golem for so long. IDK that the debate matters.

    1. If you really want to understand the “depth and breadth” of the corruption and election fraud that occurred and is occurring in Delaware County, PA, collusion and corruption perpetrated by both Democrats and Republicans at the “highest levels” (aka the uniparty) you need to read this book and attend one of Leah’s and Greg’s “sessions.”

      From the book, “Delaware County has been a “pivot” county, and an oversized influence in Pennsylvania and national politics sine the 1870’s, as discussed earlier, and he electorate has been reliably delivered to the ruling class.

      “However, we’re dealing with a highly centralized DNC and GOP Uniparty “ruling class” that is chock full of narcissists, miscreants, and criminals of every sort.”

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  2. I couldn’t watch. I’m sick about people I think who will still vote for him. As America decays and falls. I pray.

  3. Maybe I’m too old school, but shouldn’t elections be limited to …oh, I don’t know,…Election DAY!! Not election week, or election month. This “early” voting is a scam to prop up the fake dichotomy that we have a 2 party system. What a joke.

  4. I am filled with the warm fuzzies that everyone thinks there will be a “Red Wave” this fall. What changed election-fraud-wise since 2020? Nothing!

    To keep up the appearance of a functioning Republic, maybe one house will go to the Repubs. But the Repubs elected will be the kind of Repubs we’ve always had: Neocon/Globalist, Double-talking rich guys (cough, JD Vance, Blake Masters).

    It’s over.

    1. I share your sentiments jmy1975. I used to be involved in conservative republican politics but I look back on all that now as a waste of my time that should have been spent deepening my Catholic Faith. Every good candidate I got behind and campaigned for turned out to be a disappointment as soon as he got to that satanic den of freemasonry – Washington DC. Back in those days, it was so infuriating watching Boehnner and Ryan give Obama everything he wanted, despite the majorities they had. Looking back on it all and what we have now, it was and still is just a bunch of political theatre, designed to fool and distract the American people. There is ONE party in the U.S.; that is freemasonry and satan is the party boss. Give me a Catholic Monarchy or give me death! Yeah I know, I’ll be getting the later but at least I know that if I make it to the Kingdom of Heaven, I will spend all of eternity in joyous submission to a Catholic Monarchy, and I am totally fine with that.

      As a side note… it’s no coincidence that “republicans” and “libertarians” slaughtered tens of thousands of Catholics during the French Revolution in the name of “democracy.”

      1. The only problem with a Catholic monarchy, which everyone seems to adore, is that it still comes down to how “Catholic” the monarch is, doesn’t it? I mean, if you look at past popes and Catholic leaders in “Old Europe” they did awful, horrible, evil things. So I dispense with the notion that a Catholic monarchy is in any material way better than any other government. Every single government can and will be corrupted.

        The Vatican is a Catholic monarchy, basically. It’s awful. It’s sodom.

        IN the end, there is no perfect form of government. In the west we’re founded by freemasons. In the east it’s communists. You must look after yourself, your family, try like hell to convert as many people as you can, and pray life isn’t too miserable before you die.

  5. I’m glad I don’t live in PA. Fetterman is an obvious “no” but I would still have a hard time voting for Oz, a dual citizen of the US and Turkey. I would have a hard time with voting for a Senate candidate that was a dual citizen of any country and the US, but Turkey?!

    1. I’m no fan of Oz either, but I think his answer to the Turkish dual citizenship is adequate and compelling.

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