Will priests, bishops, and antipopes who pushed the deathjab be held accountable for their criminality?

Remember when there were bishops and pastors who forbade the sacraments to the unvaccinated? Remember the antipope video where he and a bunch of Cardinals sold SOLD the vaxx as an “act of love?”

I remember.

Full crosspost from Father David Nix:

The Speed of Science and Superstition

Many of you have already seen the above 45 second clip where Mr. Roos, a conservative member of the European Parliament, asks a Pfizer representative named Mrs. Small if Pfizer even tested their Covid-19 vaccine on stopping the transmission of the Covid-19 virus before its international rollout.  Mrs. Small replies, “No [laugh]… We had to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market.  And from that point of view, we had to do everything at-risk.”

So, notice that the Dutchman Mr. Roos is not asking about a certain amount of studies.  Rather, he is simply asking if Pfizer did any testing to make sure their Covid-19 vaccine actually stopped the Covid-19 virus before peddling it.  Nope. The answer was a big no, from Mrs. Pfizer, herself, as she laughs.  She laughs at a now admittedly-untested vaccine that made billions and killed thousands (or maybe millions.)  Actually, we’ve known for a long time that the safety of their vaccine has been untested, hence the countless people dying of blood-clots and miscarriages.  But the above video is a new revelation:  Not only does Pfizer harm your heart, but it actually never stopped Covid.  How do we know this?  Because it wasn’t even tested on people with covid-19!  She admits that in the above clip with a laugh, implying they had to take a big pharmacological risk on the little people to make billions of dollars for the big people.

Regarding this international roll-out of an untested injection, Mrs. Small (officially speaking for Pfizer to the European Parliament) said it had to be done “at the speed of science.”  I think she means “at the speed of lucrative population-control poisons being rolled-out before getting caught.”  Really, what exactly is “the speed of science”?  We’ve known for a long time this “speed of science” was to dupe people into the most fatal injection in the history of modern medicine.  But even I thought at one point, “Well, maybe even if the jab kills many people, it may have saved a few.”  Nope.  She basically admits the big-bad Pfizer vaccine was no vaccine at all.  How do we know that?  Because Pfizer didn’t have time to test it on anyone with Covid-19.  Why? Because they were moving at the “speed of science. ” She even adds that they had to do everything “at-risk.”  At risk to whom?  Everyone who took it, many of whom died of it.  So, the vaccine truly did nothing…except kill people.

Why did people believe it?  It’s found again in her three words “speed of science.”  What she really meant is the “speed of superstition.”  Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said, “An age without faith is an age of superstition.  Religious belief is so essential to the heart of man that once it is cast aside, some false form is called to fill the void.  Every epoch of materialism has been followed by an era of superstition in which minds believe everything as fanatics and quacks become shrines of worship and adoration.”

All the Catholics (from laymen to bishops) who called me “crazy” for resisting the covid-19 vaccine, look at how many have already died of the vaccine:  My friend who is a clinician on the East Coast told me this week that she believes more have now died of the vaccine than covid itself.  It seems to me that the bishops who put up public pictures of themselves getting the jab two years ago were nothing more than lackeys of government, flunkies for the witch-doctors at Pfizer.  As I said on a video nearly two years ago, the US bishops have no indemnity against pharmacological malpractice lawsuits. If you lost someone due to their coercion, I wish you could sue them but right now it wouldn’t do anything.

Nevertheless, since no member of the clergy (especially one with no medical training) had any right to tell you that a completely experimental injection was “an act of love,” I hope you keep them accountable if one of your loved ones died of the vaccine at the coercion of your local clergy.

Why did the bishops and priests of the US and Europe push the vaccine?  I don’t see how you could have done that if you had any adherence to true religion or true science.   The Catholic hierarchy (from the Vatican downwards) who pushed the DeathVax to lay Catholics now seem to me to be the “fanatics and quacks,” bowing before an injection-site as a “shrine of worship” found only in “an age of superstition.” Such quacks lightly took jobs in the highest echelons of the Catholic Church, thinking it would be easy, that their judgment might be easy, “since probably nearly everyone goes to heaven.”  No, we should not be surprised that a diabolical injection supported by not only no supernatural faith, but even no science would kill so many, and help so few.

A blasphemy of true salvation, found upon the ‘Christ the Redeemer’ statue in Rio, 2021.

Roadside billboard in the USA produced by ‘The Remnant’ periodical, 2022.

9 thoughts on “Will priests, bishops, and antipopes who pushed the deathjab be held accountable for their criminality?”

  1. “Speed of Science.”

    As one in the scientific field, those three words are more of an insult than you can possibly imagine.

  2. “Why did the bishops and priests of the US and Europe push the vaccine?”

    I tend to think that the simplest explanation is that there is simply nothing special, nothing distinctive, about the way most clergy live their lives to set them apart from “normies”. In other words, they are normies themselves: In what they absorb, in what they consume, in the way they think, in what influences them, etc. Maybe in a different era, clergy, and particularly monastics would have been able to resist because their greater levels of discernment ultimately derived from the actual living of a holy life and a life that really was at war with the world. For most clergy this is no longer the case, if it ever was. Thus, one cannot expect them to react any differently from how anyone else does. Our expectations of them are no longer in line with the realities of the nature of their character. They are as worldly and driven by worldly concerns as any “normie”.

    1. You may have a point Daniel. A common refrain I’ve heard from parishioners praising a priest is that “he seems like just like a normal person, like us”.

  3. The clergy are just businessmen, all simonists. That’s what happens when the fake office of cardinals is created. Fake bishops who rule PO box churches. And appointed by one libtard pope to elect the next libtard pope from among themselves. It assures the popes are always atheists every since the system was created. Their god is money. It goes all the way back to the pope who was pope when Luther blew his gasket over the pope selling indulgences, the early Luther who was still Catholic and wrote the 9t Thesis TO DEFEND THE POPE’S HONOR against what at the time he thought was a false charge. He thought Tetzel was lying about being authorized by the pope to sell indulgences and to preach that when the coin clings in the box a soul from purgatory flies. But it turned out the atheist businessman pope had indeed come up with this get rich quick scheme because the church was only a business to him. And he appointed cardinals from whom and by whom a similar pope would be appointed and on down the line they’ve all been the same filth every since cardinals were created and given the exclusive right to elect popes.

  4. Wasn’t there a Seder bishop who gave it his okay, and the SSPX supposed theologian Pagliarani who had interesting takes on the subject? That’s when I said “wow, even sede and SSPX”.

  5. From what I hear there is a vote going on now (or it may have already happened) to add the clot shot to the schedule of children’s vaccines in the US – to make it “recommended.” And from what some people tell me, once a drug makes this magical list of things recommended for children, the drug manufacturers are absolutely INDEMNIFIED even if adults are harmed by said drug. Is there truth to this? Anyone know?

  6. It really looks like Francis might be the false prophet. So many people are banking on uncritical obedience and assume the immanence of Christ’s return actually means for some future generations. Christ said “Be watchful” and people think noticing the signs of the times is just craziness. If we assume he is not the false prophet someone tell me how the real false prophet can trick most people in the Church into changing the Church’s mission from preach the gospel to work to form a fraternal utopia, the deception of the antichrist?

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