CDC votes 15-0 to add covid jab to official Vaccines for Children program

Still think this is about “Public Health”?

These people are monsters.

By the way, this means the jab will be required to enroll in school. So maybe homeschooling will skyrocket even more than it is now.


9 thoughts on “CDC votes 15-0 to add covid jab to official Vaccines for Children program”

  1. It probably will. I know a few people who are ready to pull their kids from school if that happens.

    Started homeschooling this year with my oldest two and it has been a huge blessing. There are so many resources and great Catholic curriculum nowadays too. No need to “reprogram” them from all the junk they’d be fed otherwise.

  2. It will be a technicality after today, BUT, yesterdays vote did not “add covid jab to official Vaccines for Children program”.
    That vote comes today sometime.

  3. We are sleepwalking through this. We are just letting them poison babies. Zero outrage as Moderna and Pfizer’s government arm the CDC without zero medical justification allow this.

    Unless we punish these people, and I don’t mean fines, and club fed, I mean really punish these people for crimes against humanity, we are going to lose.

    And I Mean Bergoglio too. Once that pedo consecrated Pachamama all hell has broken loose. Justice is mine says the Lord, but we can certainly help Him get to it.

    I’ve had it with how preternaturally evil the world has become in just 3 short years. And I’ve had it with how people just accept it.

    Have a friend who got the vax last year. I saw him and he wasn’t feeling right. Said he was always tired, confused, and he blacked out. He was one of the hardest workers I ever met. Very smart, loved to laugh. Sharp. Now he has “rapid onset dementia”, which is just vaccine induced Mad Cow disease. He is in a home.

    I see a commercial by a local doctor here in Appalachia recommending the C19 shots for for those 6 months and older. The tagline is “Vaccines save lives”. The commercials came out before this vote. THEY ARE ALL IN ON IT. THEY WANT YOU DEAD.

    Unless we act, they win. Now maybe all we can do is pray. Ok, pray and ask God how to act.

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