The Tail is Wagging the Dog! Ukraine is NOT WINNING the War!

From Mary Ann Kreitzer,

Listen to the interview with Colonel Douglas Macgregor. Here are some of his points:

  • Ukraine is losing. Their army has essentially been destroyed. 
  • Russia has made it clear they will only use nuclear weapons in a retaliatory way, unlike Zelensky and Biden, who have promised to do “whatever it takes” including using nuclear weapons, against Russia! Zelensky has called for a “preemptive strike.” Such an act would likely launch World War III with
  • Ukraine is staging events to make it look like they have Russia on the run. It just ain’t true! They dress up Ukrainians and give them Russian flags. We have a “one-sided reporting system.” It’s fake news!
  • The goal is world domination under the globalists using the World Economic Forum, the EU, NATO, and the UN. It’s not working.
  • Russia has unlimited resources: food, gas, etc. Most of the world lives in Asia and that part of the world is pro-Russia. They “don’t want to go the way of Europe…. The dollar is at risk…and the truth is that we’re in a lot of trouble!…That’s what Americans need to understand….We are destroying the good will of the German people for the United States.”

One thought on “The Tail is Wagging the Dog! Ukraine is NOT WINNING the War!”

  1. I’ll keep praying my rosary for the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immuculate Heart of Mary. Jesus Christ is King!

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