All we are saying is give pacem a chance


Mundabor’s Nine Point Ukraine Peace Plan

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As it is fashionable to suggest peace proposals nowadays, I will allow myself to add mine to the mix. Whilst I am not a mega billionaire, I think my proposal will be way more realistic.

So, here we go.

Russia remains Russia. Crimea and the new provinces remain Russia, because they are Russia. It is senseless to propose that Russia had a vote redone. It’s like asking Italy to remake the Tuscany annexation vote.

Zelenski and his men go. Zelenskkki gets shipped to Florida, or shot, or poisoned. His friends are very fast in packing, or meet a bullet from very near. A new government gets in power. Possibly led by Zaluzhny. This way you have the toxic guys out, and more reasonable people in. Military people tend to be more realistic than corrupt comedians. A new page. Fresh wind. That kind of stuff.

Ukraine remains neutral and disarmed. An army of 50,000 max. A symbolic Air Force. There will be no navy anymore (see below). This is because Russia must be satisfied that no issues will ever come from that side. Without this, no peace will be achievable.

Russia gets all the parts of former Ukraine they are really interested in. This will be, largely, the part with a strong Russian component and/or strong Russian tradition. Nikolayev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, obviously Zhaporozhie (already Russia from today). Why? Because Russia wants them, because they belong in Russia, and because Putin will get them anyway. They are right on all accounts, btw.

Russia guarantees the boundaries of the remaining Ukraine. This prevents Poland, Hungary and Romania from carving out their own filet pieces out of it. I know that, for example, Lvov was traditionally Polish, and Galicia traditionally Habsburg/protohungarian. Tough luck. NATO does not advance one metre. Makes everybody happy in the long term.

Denazification is imposed on The Ukraine. Arrest and delivery to Moscow of all Neonazi commanders of Azov, Kraken etc. to be trialled in Moscow for crimes against humanity. Destruction of all monuments to Stephan Bandera. Ban on paramilitary or political organisations, cultural circles, or magazines glorifying Bandera or Nazism. Russia to bomb directly, Israel-style, in case of non-compliance.

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3 thoughts on “All we are saying is give pacem a chance”

  1. A few of my random thoughts:

    Most people in America have no idea that there even are Nazis in Ukraine.

    This whole mess could’ve ended months ago if we hadn’t given Ukraine any money or support.

    Come winter, the few remaining people in Europe who can think are going to be wondering why they have to freeze to death so that Ukraine’s drag queen parades can continue.

    This is still ultimately not our (the USA’s) fight, and we should stay out of it. After reading through Putin’s recent speech, my sympathies tend to be with him over Ukraine. Putin, with all of his many flaws, made some good points. Let them fight it out, and let them go to the negotiation table on their own.

    The hatred progressives have towards Russia/Putin makes no sense outside of Christianity. Sadly many of them don’t even know why they hate Russia or Putin, they’ve been programmed to hate them. When this mess started, a few ROCOR parishes in America reported vandalism, the fact that the priests, deacons, and parishioners of those parishes never so much as set foot in Russia didn’t matter.

  2. Bravo for posting Mundabor’s proposal for peace. He is a savvy European with a Catholic understanding of how things should unfold in this matter.

  3. Well, little miracles do happen…

    “Gazprom Ready to Ship Gas Via Shelved Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

    One line of Nord Stream 2 may be undamaged after attacks
    Leaks have stopped in three other strings of Nord Stream pipes

    Gazprom PJSC told European gas customers that part of the damaged Nord Stream network could still transport fuel — but only on the new pipeline that Germany ditched in February in protest at Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine.”

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